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New: Azalea app

By AzaleasDolls
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I’ve released a 2nd app for the Google Play Store: Dress up Azalea (adapted from Azalea 4).

It’s a free app, with an ad in it, which was actually a pain in the neck to implement. I’m still new to apps and learning about the process. This time I was able also to add a save button so you can easily save a screenshot to your phone’s gallery.

Compared to the web version: the app has 4 new hairstyles, 6 new outfits, and a fuller color palette for all of the clothes section; no drag n drop because it’s impractical in a phone app, instead, a few accessories derived from the old drag n drop.

If you download it, please let me know here, what is your opinion on it, advice, etc?

If you can give the app a positive rating in the Google Play Store, thanks a million because that helps me so much! :heart:

Regarding the wedding dress, thank you for all the feedback, designer names were especially helpful! I will incorporate what I can but it’s a bit overwhelming because really, the possibilities are endless…

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Can you make the Heroine Maker for android and ios?

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Can you make Sci-fi Warrior scene maker for android?
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Can you add more hair colors?
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Can you add more hair colors?
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Can you add a save to photos button option?
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For those who are not much into apps, could you update the newer version onto the current version of the online dress- up please?
That would be much appreciated.
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Downloaded and loving it!!! Once you get to the screenshot page can you get back to the game without reloading it?
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That's amazing! I can't wait to see what other apps you create in the future!
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wow nice and amazing :D
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Exciting and coolio!!!
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Aww I wish this was available on iOS! I would download in a heartbeat!
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Damn! Just got rid of my Samsung Tablet several months ago. Waaaah! 

Awesome design tho! Heart Heart 
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I just downloaded it,
It's amazing! ^^
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would you ever cosifer making a game for ios? id love to play!
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OMG! So Beautiful! :D
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Download pending ♡ can't wait to try it
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I wish I had a phone so  I could test this out! It looks beautiful and I'm excited about those new styles and outfits!
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Is it going to be on iOS as well?
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I wish... I'm hoping next year to get an iPhone, and when I do, I will release a version for iOS. Unfortunately I can't make it without a device to test it on.
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So awesome! Thank you for your work!
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