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Mermaid Scene Maker

Create up to 7 mermaids & mermen in this scene maker complete with aquatic backgrounds, plus draggable merchildren, fish, dolphins etc. If you haven't played this yet at my website,, I hope you'll enjoy this large dress up game! (and since it's large, it might take a minute to load). 

With this I experimented with features that were new for me, like multiple body types: the girl has two, the default being inspired by Ariel's figure, and the 2nd being a plumper option; while the boy has four, the default which looks fit, and from there I drew a lankier option, an extra ripped option, and a thicker option. Having four body types for the guy didn't add a tremendous amount of work, because the differences are subtle so I didn't have to redraw the tails nor the accessories. With the female, it's a different story! I had to duplicate all the tails, all the tops, and adjust many accessories which added a whole lot of extra drawing, file size, and complexity for the programming. Especially since the arms have different positions on top of it, which also is a new feature. The reason I tried extra body types, and arm positions, is because merpeople have limited clothing compared to other dolls. Which is especially true for the merman: he's topless, so you can change his torso and arms - that's the idea :) 
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How do you make the merchildren?

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How can I play Mermaid Scene Maker without flash? What should I do to get it?

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can you put this on the y8 browser please? this was one of my favorite games and i cant use it now because flash player is stupid... :(

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Try Bluemaxima Flashpoint and download flashpoint infinity. These character creators have been saved there, along with many other flashgames

ReshaAdrienneStorm's avatar

ohh, okay. thank you so much. so it works with flash player i assume?

snowb1rd's avatar

It's like an updated flash player

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and i was going yo turn Ariel into Ursula

RougeEXEkills's avatar

it won't work for me

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How come one mermaid gets a belt and the other one doesn't?

In fact, when the second mermaid gets legs, her whole lower half disappears.
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Are you planning to add new features for Mermaid Scene Maker like:
1. New backgrounds.
2. New body types for both male and female.
3. New animals:seagulls,dogs,penguins and seals.
4. New tops.
5. New tails.
6. New accessories.
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for some reason i got a grey screen on this game
kagura-deadly-beauty's avatar
I'm not sure when this started but I just noticed today the ad's for this game on the website are cutting off the bottom part of the tail while you are working on it. If you are doing anything with the tail fin it's a bit annoying. I just wanted to let you know.
I thought it used to be at the bottom of the page.

It's not doing it after I left it alone for about 20 minutes while I was working on the design here just in case it didn't go away.
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how did you make the babies swim in the doll maker?
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i found a glitch.
i had my female character set with the legs and no skirt options, so when i switched her over to the fish tail it disappeared except for the fins
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Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 2.54.49 PM by soniclover200   idk what i did i just did this
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Cirque du Soleil Mermaids by tamarash  
I made Cirque du Soleil characters as mermaids

Mermaid in Pink: Zaia from Zaia
Mermaid in Blue: Blue Gypsy from Saltimbanco
Mermaid in Green: Erato from ZED
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Ps I'm so sorry I don't want to take chances
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My Little Mermaids by igugkfcdku  
i have made the mane 6
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