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Details for leggings and T-shirts

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Published: March 9, 2018
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An in-progress version is up

Thanks for all your feedback in the previous thread, it’s very helpful! As always I won’t be able to include everything, but many of your suggestions will be in the game.

I have a few specific questions at this point:

What patterns should definitely be in there for the leggings?

I’d like to add options for the big T-shirt shown in this pic. Somebody suggested having something nerdy such as a Star Wars T-shirt, which is a great idea. What else for a big T-shirt?

The color palettes still need work especially for the clothes. Is there a specific color you find is missing? 

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AnastasiaMarieBlackHobbyist Artist
Yay! it's finished! I love this game. Just to let you know about a small glitch though, when you x out of the cat socks, the face still shows on the knees. It doesn;t stay when you change to any other sock though. Just though I would let you know
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Is it ready yet? I saw that the explanation had changed so I amused it was finished, it did not way anything about any updates or working on anything.
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Hello! For the t-shirts, would you be willing to add hufllepuff and Ravenclaw logo!
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If I may suggest some little improvements about "the colours" of Your wonderful dress-up game, I wish to suggest more "blue" shades, more not too bright colours and, about the black colour, in my opinon ther's a lack of shades in black clothes.
One more little thing, I'm not satisfied about the transparency effect of thigts/pantyhose. I think that when the pantyhose are thiner and thin the colour tend to change too much. For example a pair of black tights, in your game, becomes a pair of pantyhose of a completely different colour. And the same is true for a lot of other colours!
PS I would like to have some more "black/grey/brown/sand/ colours for the legwear!
PPSS I wolud like to have also a net and micro-net pattern for your pantyhose and to have also short and long legwarmers would be ok! ... not mentioning the absence of some more underwear, like a long/short simple body or some slip/pajamas.
I wish to say more and more about This your wonderful "every day dress-game" but, for the moment, in order not to bore You too much, I prefer to stop here!
Have a wonderful sunday!
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Bubblez828Hobbyist General Artist
I continuously fall in love with your work. It's amazing! mini hearts  I would ask though if you could maybe add a button-up dress shirt, and maybe a v-neck sweater from like Harry Potter. 
BTSxARMY18's avatar
I love your games Heart   and thanks for adding unnatural hair color option! Heart 
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Luni-7Hobbyist General Artist
I'm loving this game soooo much <3 This is really helping me to figure out the best design to my characters (without hours and hours of drawing and pain on my neck!)
I would like to ask you if there is gonna be a male version of this game? This would be awesome and I would love it!
(I'm still learning english, so sorry if there is any mistake in what I wrote)
PrincessPrimrosePink's avatar
PrincessPrimrosePinkHobbyist Filmographer
I'm not sure you're still taking requests, but fuzzy pajama pants would we awesome! 
theMav3nwithwings's avatar
theMav3nwithwingsHobbyist General Artist
will there be a male version later?
cheycheyjordan's avatar
cheycheyjordanHobbyist General Artist
I love the update!! The outwear and the layering has me living!! I'm excited to see the shoes you'll add to the game!
Amythystyana's avatar
AmythystyanaHobbyist General Artist
And some acne/freckles on the chest, slightly above chest?
Anisekai's avatar
Why not a nerdy t-shirt about superheroes (eg. Marvel logo)? I absolutely love this game!!!
SportyPeach9891's avatar
I would LOVE to see a Harry Potter nerd shirt, if possible. :)
GuestSayings's avatar
Just seen the new update, thanks so much! It's looking awesome x 
TheFallingMoon's avatar
TheFallingMoonHobbyist General Artist
is it ok if there is some band t shirts or supernatural tees? also can you maybe add a hair style where its longer on on side and shaved on the other? sorry for bothering you or asking to much of you.
Starry-Ellipse's avatar
Forgive me if this is too late, but if you are still taking clothing suggestions, I wanted to add two:

1) Head scarf or Hijab
2) A loose/open cardigan 

The in-progress version looks amazing, I can't wait for this game to be fully released!
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mizuki0807Hobbyist Digital Artist
The new update is really nice! I don't know if you're already working on it but I just thought socks would be pretty cool! Don't know if it really fits though... Anyway I love the game!
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ScarJo-Lover1Student Traditional Artist
I agree
A-Splashing-Koi's avatar
The update looks really lovely! As for suggestions, tie-dye patterns and a few different kinds of glasses would be neat to see. Teal/blue-green shades would be good additions, too.
Magus-Anarchy-13713's avatar
The lightest shade of indigo/blue-purple is a tad neon. This is ok, but would it be possible to have something like a blueish lavender as well or instead? Something more akin to the mauve/red-purple option.
ScarJo-Lover1's avatar
ScarJo-Lover1Student Traditional Artist
YOU. ARE. INCREDIBLE!!!! After today's update, I don't there's anything left for me to request but this: will there be any form of dresses, Converse, or hats (like beanies)?
Lolzersgirl's avatar
LolzersgirlHobbyist General Artist
Orange is completely missing from the colour palette!! There's a yellow and then a red. Awesome work as always though!!
Finasol's avatar
For colors, turquoise/teal/blue-green shades would be nice!
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ChocolateBiffHobbyist Artist
Not related to these specific questions but I would love some freckles Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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