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Actual Azalea T-shirts?

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Published: March 24, 2018
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I have the opportunity to get professionally made Azalea T-shirts, like this! If you guys would be interested in getting one let me know; if there’s enough interest, I can work out the details to have them produced.

Btw there’ll be an option for an Azalea shirt in Casual Style (working on T-shirt prints for the next update) 

[edit] Thanks!! That's enough demand so I'll go through with it :)
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That looks lovely! Where will the t-shirts be available?
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NicostrataHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ColorSpirit23Hobbyist General Artist
I Love your games. always super excited to see whats new! Keep going, continue to do what you love.
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AmythystyanaHobbyist General Artist
LOVE IT!!!!! ♥♥♥ Casual-Style-by-AzaleasDolls Me2 by Amythystyana   Casual-Style-by-AzaleasDolls PowerPuff Girls, Butt by Amythystyana   Casual-Style-by-AzaleasDolls PowerPuff Girls, Blos by Amythystyana   Casual-Style-by-AzaleasDolls PowerPuff Girls, Bubb by Amythystyana   Casual-Style-by-AzaleasDolls PowerPuff Girls, Blis by Amythystyana  

(The First one me, then the others are the powerpuff girls and Bliss.)
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AngryBirdsisFanStudent Traditional Artist
I Made Female Jesse and Petra From Minecraft Story Mode!!! :happybounce: 
Female Jesse From Minecraft Story Mode by AngryBirdsisFan Petra From Minecraft Story Mode by AngryBirdsisFan  
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StarloverstudioHobbyist Digital Artist
Casual-Style-by-AzaleasDolls by Starloverstudio Love your game. 
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PrincessPrimrosePinkHobbyist Filmographer
Are you almost done with the finished game? Not rushing you or anything, just wondering. :)
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Maybe some more makeup? I know you have lip colors on there as well as working on blush, but what about eyeshadow? and/or nail polish? just a thought.
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PrincessPrimrosePinkHobbyist Filmographer
Yes, I totally agree. Makeup would be great! 
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Madeleine-Me0wsHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe you could add fluffy sweaters like this one here…
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So I can see that there should be an update with socks etc. from the 4/4th, but there's been no actual changes in the game..anyone else having this issue? x 
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The update shows in my browser. I think you just need to refresh :)
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yup, it's appearing now, ta :)
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JoyJinnStudent General Artist
I love the prints you can get in the Casual Style game, but can you get Hufflepuff prints?
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Not too meta then, yay! x 
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EverfterFanHobbyist General Artist
Cool, I personally wouldn't buy one. I'm not a t-shirt kind of person. 
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SweatyAriadniStudent Artist
I know this suggetion will be a HUGE pain in your *ss but I believe it would be LOVELY if you could add multiple body types on the game! I think that letting the players choose out of multiple types of body like slim, petite, curvy, chuby or even better letting them choose the 'size' of body parts of the doll would not only make the game more fun and interesting but also more friendly. What do you think?
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I agree that having options for body types in a dress up game is awesome. But it's a huge undertaking: the amount of work is multiplied. Everything has to be redrawn for each body, and the programming is also more complex. The only time I tried something like that was with my big mermaid game, because mermaids wear less clothes than a regular doll.
So... sorry I can't :/
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SweatyAriadniStudent Artist
Allow me please to make (another suggetion). Why don't you make a naked body for the game (or kinda naked like Sara Kuan did on the game Fly Squad at Doll Divine)?
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I figure there are children who come on the website, so I prefer to keep the dolls in underwear. There are moms who wouldn't appreciate it otherwise. The Fly Squad one is very cartoony and not offensive to kids imo, but my Casual Style doll is detailed so definitely not a great idea.
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SweatyAriadniStudent Artist
Oh I understand (Translation: When you remember that you live in a world of stereotypes and even the most natural thing in the wolrd : Nudity, is seeing as tabboo even in the 21th century and you raise your children to be this way, F***!!!!)
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SweatyAriadniStudent Artist
I understand! It's really hard to do all this work while you got more! When you finish the game, if you want to, while you working on a new you can, as a hobbie, you can prepare an update for the game. It doesn't  matter when it's going to be finished, if you have the energy and the courage I believe that a talent like yours is up to the challenge. However the game is already awesome and I can't wait to play more of it!! 
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