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Born and raised in France, now raising my sons in the US while developing my dress up game business. I love drawing characters, and I don't like having a boss, so owning a dress up site is literally my dream job!

Favourite Visual Artist
Mucha, Arthur Rackham
Favourite Movies
Lotr, Fight Club, Zoolander, The Matrix
Favourite TV Shows
Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Seinfeld
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
NIN, Tool, Tori Amos
Favourite Books
Brave New World
Favourite Writers
Huxley, Jung, Victor Hugo, Shakespeare
Other Interests
World religions and mythologies

Portrait Maker

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Although I'm still working on Tinker Bell, I just released a new game on my website, the Portrait Maker. This one can hardly be called a dress-up, since it's basically a large face builder. I hope it's fun!
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Hi everyone, There is now a group where you can share the dolls and characters you create with my games, the link is up there on my profile or you can use this link. It's all thanks to Meinona who kindly took the initiative and deserves a big hug on my part! Sorry, I still haven't figured out how to implement a good "Save" button for my games; I kinda suck at programming. I've seen this feature in a few games where the doll can be saved as jpeg or png, it's really neat. I'll have to learn to make a print button, at least. In the mean time all I can recommend is to save screenshots the old-fashioned way, which is what I do: use the Print Scr
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The Four Elements game is finished! Ola and I have been making this game since January, I think, and we were finally able to upload the final version on our websites. So, many months of work, but well worth it, I'm very happy with the result. The 4 in 1 version is extremely versatile, cause each doll has access to all the backgrounds and drag n drop items, thanks to Ola who's a pro at coding :dance: And I also just released another new dress up game, Dress up Azalea
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Hello! I have always been a huge fan of yours and always will be. But there is noe thing that bothers me. A long time ago, you used to have the Wedding dress design app on Google Play. This game cost money. obviously since I loved your content I decided to buy it. Well now it is deleted. I only ask....why? It was a great game. Why have it removed. I'm not even mad about the money. Just upset that a good game was lost.

You probably won't see this - but would it be possible for you to keep the older Viking Woman game along with the newer HTML5 version? It's just that for those of us who can play it through Y8, it has much more colors and options. And the HTML5 version can be for those who don't use Y8.. Please take this into consideration.

What about a game based on the American Girl dolls? There's lots of costumes

I know I’m not going to get any answer here, as I’m unsure if anyone checks these, but it’s worth a shot.

Does anyone know where I can play this game? Or even how? I’ve been looking for over a year and nothing.

(I’m not looking for the Hobbit maker)

I have y8 but that only has the Hobbit maker, a meiker one I found only has female elves, and I’m really disappointed that I can’t play this game anymore.

I think you should ask it to Doll Divine

Hello. Are you still active?