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LAND - GEO-074 Gold Color Scheme model

A clone of Elayendii grown by the experimental Overseer AI, NK-01a.
Co-developed by the human colonial rebel faction "Aegis Sphere" and the alien "Imperial As'travag," the NK-01a was prematurely activated by Elayendii and consequentially hijacked command of the Aegis Sphere's entire economic and military apparatus.  The patriotic, but on-the-ropes and grossly outnumbered, forces of the colonial rebels became an inhumanly precise and needlessly ruthless threat against the Earth-elite "AFSL."

As a clone, Geo failed to develop the strong psionic abilities Elayendii could conjure, only managing a meager psychic connection with Elayendii's (at the time inert) mind. 
Instead of using Geo as a replacement battery host, in the unlikely event that Elayendii should perish within the NK-01a, the NK-01a sequentially augmented Geo with chemical conditioning and machine prosthesis to transform the clone into the NK-01a's personal enforcer and guardian.
Upon the NK-01a's death, and release of Elayendii, Geo evaded capture by federal forces and joined with other former rebel insurgents as part of a frontier world mercenary company led by captain Astraea Belanchi.  Similar to Geo, captain Belanchi and her crew were all vat-grown superior-humans created by the NK-01a, albeit with far less drug and cybernetic augmentations.

With this iteration of the cyborg body design, I gave it cleaner surface details and Elayendii's color scheme, but in a reverse fashion where gold is the primary and purple is the accentuation.  Gives it a heroic look, I think.
Contrast with Elayendii, who is a glass cannon of incredible psionic power with an abrasive, self-absorbed, and bluntly honest personality, Geo has a much more sturdy and physical oriented build and possesses a considerate, polite, and honorable mindset. 
Geo is the only person Elayendii feels any familial attachment to despite being the personified opposite of herself.
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