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Halo - Character Request - San'Shyuum Prelate

For arcane37
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Quite an interesting character :)
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That looks soo badass to see more of the Prelates 
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Prior to the events of the Forerunner's firing of the Halo Arrays, the San'Shyuum WERE a space-faring race allied with humans. Funny how far their species fell when the remainder of their race stayed on a simple rock and reduced to inbred mockeries of their former stature....
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Technically, their situation's been getting worse over the years; 1) they're sent back to their homeworld for what humanity did, become paraplegic and absolutely terrible; 2) only a small portion of their race is indexed, and the rest are destroyed by a Halo; 3) upon re-population, most decide NOT to advance, and only a thousand leave their planet; 4) they have a very small gene pool and have to create a Roll of Celibates, and even resort to concubines; 5) they have a very slow growth rate and a fertility cycle that literally happens once every 62 years; 6) it turns out that Janjur Qom is supposedly destroyed; 7) they turned to Prelates too late and are mostly killed off by the Flood, and; 8) less than a thousand of their kind remain, and possibly few females left. This means that they CAN re-populate, but it'll take forever, their genetics are HELL and they're hated by just about everyone in the galaxy. If they go extinct...
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