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Halo - Character Request - Erle ' Ginosee

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That is awesome, to me it looks like they could be combat androids in that armor
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the Silent Shadow.
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Did you get inspiration from Headhunters?
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Reminds me of halo legends
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bro these look like they could be new rank new armor types in either Arby's army or Jul's... amazing Love Love Love Love Love 
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What kind of gun is that?
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looks like a serverely revamped Plasma Rifle...
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rather Plasma Repeater, not rifle...
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I like the armor and red energy sword :o
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id love it if they would put red energy swords in the next game
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Lucky for you then, because it's in Halo 2 anniversary. If that works for you at all. :D (Big Grin) 
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can't get over that red energy blade
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*opens eyes*
thius is like halo on steriods, lol with red energy blades, you dont see that everyday,
great work, looks like any given tuesday on legenday difficulty 
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This is so cool! do you mind telling me that background story of this guy? I'm REALLY interested!
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:wow: beautiful armor, it's so shiny! :+favlove:
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Awesome details. :whoohoooo!:
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the gun looks like a plasma repeater crossed with a fuel rod
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You should give this guy a new type of energy sword I call the energy blade. It's a five foot long plasma blade that looks like half an energy sword. It 's generated from the wrist of a sangheili warrior and extremley deadly.
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Seeing as the Covenant and the Sangheili have access to the energy sword, dagger, and the cutlass the "energy blade" seems a bit redundant.
Not to mention the daggers can be mounted onto the wrist portion of their combat harnesses.

When having the character designed, I wanted to keep it as close to the canon as possible.
The blood red energy sword is a symbol of the Advanced Spec Ops Sangheili, so I decided to keep it around.

Nonetheless, an interesting idea.
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DORK POWERS ACTIVATE: The plasma swords always have two blades because the sanghelli have two hearts therefore the would never use another type of blade.
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