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Doom - The Enemy

Old-school monsters looking for trouble! 
Or has trouble found them??

Creature and scene motifs based on in-game sprites and art from Doom(1993) and DoomII(1994)
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Oh man, this is PERFECT! Makes me want to replay the classic Doom games now. You captured their original looks not only accurately but made them look far cooler than ever before! This piece goes beyond A++ work, well done!

I can't wait to see more Doom stuff from you, like the Icon of Sin one day.

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They are rage.


Without mercy.

But you will be worse.

Rip and tear.

Until it is done.

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Or as Doomguy would call them, a good solid workout before breakfast, followed by a brief nap, then another good solid workout. For shits and giggles, he's just using the chainsaw for the first, a berserk pack for the second.

And for the official record after the quip, this is goddamn epic. It made me legit smile to see it pop up in the feed.