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Classy Baron

More Classic Doom shenanigans.
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care for a cup of tea old bean before i kill you?
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Mr President Cyberdemon, We need to discuss this other species that has come to our land, they are destroying our kind, I along with the rocket party recommend we stop this unknown kind, before he causes anymore damage, what do you say
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OMG this is awesome!!
If every demon in DOOM was this pragmatic and classy, the gameplay would take forever because everyone would want a one-on-one pistolero duel.
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They would WANT it
But what they would GET is a face full of minigun.
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We need to mod this in: CLASSY DEMONS!
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From grudge to mellow. I like that.
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Ah pardon me mr Doomguy but you seem to have misstaken me for one of those lowly Knights.
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more tea guvna!
lol looks cool though
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It make you do it's yard work when you a Mexican!
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Uhm.... is this joke?
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I can just imagine a baroque version of Into Sandy's City playing in the background.
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We must have Sir Cyberdemon next. That would be the sir-est thing of all time.
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Like a sir.
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*ahem* Excuse me, Doom Gentleman, but you seem to be trespassing onto my domain of this toasty place I've been calling home for the last 4,000,000,000 years. Sir, I must ask you to leave, before I'm forced to use my green-fire powers to dispose of you, chap.
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ALMOST! You see the pipe? I think he should be talking like Sherlock Holmes. He should DEDUCE that I have been trespassing in his domicile or something. If you're just going to go for vague British, he's got to at least offer tea and crumpets or something.
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:iconplottingplz: can anyone imagine how he will be look like if he was REALLY like that???:plotting:
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This is really cool, and I just /had/ to set it as my webcam, if you don't mind.
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Baron: "Yes, I am a Baron. I have a mansion atop the great Mt. Erebus and have dined with her royal highness, the Spider Mastermind, herself. Eat it lowly Hell Knight peasants."
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I never knew demons could be sophisticated!
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Reminds me of the level "The Baron's Banquet" from the No Rest For the Living expansion to Doom II.
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