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Lady Stoneheart - ASoIaF / Game of Thrones



This is my predictive interpretation of what Michelle Fairley may look like come the finale of season 3 of Hbo's Game of Thrones (or maybe season 4?)

I briefly posted this on twitter last year for Bryan Cogman from the HBO production of Game of Thrones. I took it down quickly (because it was such a huge spoiler, and I got a few complaints from non book readers), but to my surprise it miraculously popped up all over the net here and there since. Uncredited :(

But on DeviantArt, you have to search for what you want so... If you're searching for Lady Stoneheart, I'm assuming you know whats up, so this can't be a spoiler. No complaints please.

This was my first attempt at using my new bought (at the time) Cintiq.

So here's the higher res for anyone who wanted to better version. At least this one has my watermark.
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This is probably my favorite GoT fanart of all time. This character was so amazing yet forgotten and abandoned in the show, and you capture her image just as I'd imagine!