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I'm productive, really!

Don't lie to me, Eris!
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Simply amazing!!
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this is mindbogglingly cute
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Pretending to be productive indeed
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Well they're doing more than most internet dwellers...
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Is she Discord's daughter?
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It's Discord with applyed 63 rule
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Eris is so cute here!
Her backpack and the pencil case are a nice touch!
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Ha, Mario themed backpack. Eris got class. lol
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Element of procrastination.
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New picture?Yay!!! :D
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Mental note 1: Try the same next time in class.

Mental Note 2: Haven´t you seen how well it has worked for her?

Mental Note 3: Shut the **** up.

Mental Note 4: Alright :saddummy:
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Bawwwwwww!! She's so adorable!!
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Что ж ты так зебру то не закрасил? хД
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Ей хватит.
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А так это она была? А мы с Акки думали, что он...
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Ее зовут Мираж.
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