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"Actually, it was stated somewhere in the Chaos academy rulebook that it is strictly prohibited to use magic in order to harm living beings. At least it would be stated, if there was such thing as the Chaos academy rulebook. However students don’t give a single buck about any rules, especially nonexistent ones. Thus, magical fights were quite an ordinary thing. And when it came to reprimands the good old “he accidentally fell down a high energy stairs, that made a through hole in his horn” usually worked fine. We had at least one person falling from this stupid high energy stairs every day!"

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turkey18eye's avatar
i hope this comic is still continued
DeskManiac's avatar
I think you have great character designs
Az-Pekt's avatar
Why thank you )
StreamSecret's avatar
Hey! Pink can be manly!Fighting it Off 
godzilladragon111's avatar
welp. sorry to inform yah fellahs, but discords better than you. he'll outlive you all.
wolfrulez's avatar
Ooooooooh Discord is pissed. Luv the way you designed Discord as a young adult.
nikolaj1998's avatar
hmm so all draqoni-something looks the same i thought you all consisted of different animal parts
PlatinKevKev's avatar
discord being a nerd .... X'D this is a joke right :D
Dragon101k's avatar
Evryone has his own beginings...
LucidPhoton's avatar
None of this makes sense...........
please tell me you get the joke.
Nova225's avatar
What ?

AGAIN a ''make X 'adult\of older age' character a 'school years\adolescent' with uncool teen problems '' remake ?
Az-Pekt's avatar
umm... This is not like that, to be honest =) You are just described only the tip of the iceberg... Still in some point, you are right, no doubt
Nova225's avatar
I have 'now' seen the other currently available pages and, while it's still stays generally within that (slightly cringe worthy)overused cliché, hehhhh well it's honestly not that bad 'here'. *shrug*

It's at least a bit different, if not a touch ''chaotic'' ;), from the ''average''-stuff I expected this to become.
Eze667's avatar
Well now this IS something new. Discord like a nerd, you even show more draconequsses or however it's writen.
DiscordDraconequus's avatar
Hmm, I will say this, you gave me style here, I enjoy the look. And I am also the only good looking on on this page. I look artistic, smart, charming, maybe I should look like this.
LastxLullabyxx's avatar
mmmm i think Discord was the most good looking in that page XD
Sandwich-Anomaly's avatar
cause in the end the nerds are the ones who know magic, have access to dangerous technology, knowledge of chemical reactions and in the end shall rule the universe... NERDS, RISE!!!
RaenBoow's avatar
Nerds always wins in the end :iconbadassplz:
CastoroChiaro's avatar
Let's just all stop and savor the fact Discord is in a pink shirt and this is the best thing.
Ada-Erika's avatar
Can't anyone write Draconequus?-.-
So that's the species if anyone needed help.
Ziblink's avatar
Why do all the drak draconek draconeq Discords look the same?

And I do hope he doesn't get curbstomped next page.
Azure888's avatar
Those other draconeqquses are REALLY ugly.
Great comic!
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