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"So, that’s it. See you in a week. The end of the post. You may now stop reading this text. No, guys, really, what else do you want from me? Each frame contains a number of unstable intersecting quantum spaces, which cannot be shown via web-camera. And my scanner is powered by Steam. Hey, Spike, stop sitting there and get back to work! Scanner won’t power itself."

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NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Wait Wait Wait Wait... wasn't there like some sorta animation based on this?
Az-Pekt's avatar
uhm... there is teaser of the game Raycord Legends, which mention this plot.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Ahhhhh... ok

It was bugging me XD
wolfrulez's avatar
Well I guess in the world of chaos, worst employee of the month is considered a great achievement :D
AZREAL258's avatar
So this is where Discord got his start.
1992andbeyond's avatar
Well no wonder Discord became so mean.
sonickingwast's avatar
i cant help but think that Miss Universe is some really unheard of meme
nuke1007's avatar
oh wow i have seen this comic before, for once i am hipster brony over eqd. nice job AZ, i never knew you had a div acount
Az-Pekt's avatar
A hipster brony?) It's like a hipster of hipsters %)
Thanks )
nuke1007's avatar
sweet i just got permoted!
LeEater's avatar
entropy contest... lawl
А все начиналось с Ачивок... Великолепно. Старый Лорс всо... по сравнению с нынешним уровнем ;)
Az-Pekt's avatar
Пффф... Во-первых, не с ачивок, во-вторых, я рисую не лучше, чем "старый Лорс". В технике рисунка я на том же уровне, а вот в обработке опыта и навыка поднахватался - это да.
brianMFpalmer's avatar
Wow, I'm only on the first page and this is already pro quality work on both artwork and writing. Can't wait to see how this story developes.
AydinPrower7's avatar
I couldn't help but think of the opening to Megamind while reading this. :XD:
Eze667's avatar
Discord with hair. That's something you don't see everyday
MissIp's avatar
fucking awesome
DiscordDraconequus's avatar
Ha, Miss Universe, that's hilarious! Golden Portal and Worst Employee, I can believe.
eduardorpg64's avatar
"Winner Entropy Contest".... XD Clever one!

Seriously, congrats to both of you creating this comic. It's high quality! Favorited** I love it!
I will have to unfav all your pages once the next one comes out so that they (the faves) still start at the back :P
Az-Pekt's avatar
um... this is a little bit strange... but okay ^_^
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