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"You’ve probably thought that I was joking about book and stuff, haven’t you? “Ha-ha, joke about zero page, very funny”. Well, what would you think, I actually found zero page! You may say that after such greatness the rest of the comic will be very boring to read (not to mention that a thousand years before texts were dumb as math). But don’t worry I’ll comment each and every piece of it. A lot. I’m not a nerd or something to be reading a book silently!

So, let’s see what we’ve got here… Isn’t it awesome? I bet, that you all have one question to ask. And I’ll answer it! Yes, this architecture is totally late classicism! I know, I know - it may be a culture shock for you, but believe me more than a thousand years ago such trash cans were in common use. As well as pink shirts. Talk about style!"

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Nice comic ^ ^