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"You’ve probably thought that I was joking about book and stuff, haven’t you? “Ha-ha, joke about zero page, very funny”. Well, what would you think, I actually found zero page! You may say that after such greatness the rest of the comic will be very boring to read (not to mention that a thousand years before texts were dumb as math). But don’t worry I’ll comment each and every piece of it. A lot. I’m not a nerd or something to be reading a book silently!

So, let’s see what we’ve got here… Isn’t it awesome? I bet, that you all have one question to ask. And I’ll answer it! Yes, this architecture is totally late classicism! I know, I know - it may be a culture shock for you, but believe me more than a thousand years ago such trash cans were in common use. As well as pink shirts. Talk about style!"

Next page: [link]


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Русская версия: [link]
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Nice comic ^ ^ 
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Awesome, wished I found this earlier.
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This is awesome.
I wish I'd found this before.
lyrathelidragon's avatar
your funny discord! :iconcelestiaplz:
kittiesgoderp's avatar
Discord wearing a pink shirt LIKE A BOSS
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This. Is. AWESOME! The quality of this comic at this point of posting is really astounding. The depth of everything is crazy, from the art, to the dialogue, to the story. All awesome, and so very followed!
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Hi! I really like this comic so far!:)
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Well hello, what's this? Let's see what you have here in store for me.
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This looks interesting. I'll read it when I get the chance.
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Я думал, ты знал )
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Так, в общем-то, всегда... Сидишь, думаешь что научился чему-то, пока правда не ударит битой в лицо, когда посмотришь чего успели достигнуть другие за то же время.
darth-biomech's avatar
Когда я последний раз видел твой арт, ты рисовал так: [link]

Как я должен был угадать? В аскблоге не написано что ты автор. К тому же, сюрприз был ДВОЙНОЙ, ибо то что ты обронел так же было внезапным.
Az-Pekt's avatar
Многие полагают, что я стал лучше рисовать. Но едва ли, просто понахватался приемов, а уровень сам тот же.
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Прогресс невооруженным взглядом заметен, даже без эффектов.
this looks interesting :D
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What is this? O__o Discord. Shirt. Recyclebin. Suitcase with wheels! Humanisticly stylished houses and structures in background...

I'm interested :icongo-ontwilightplz:
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oh statued discord is one of the best tumbrls! =)
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Why thank you =)
zora-artist's avatar
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oh thank you so very much for this creative contribution! And poor discord! is he being bullied?! this is his slightly younger years right? Aww... :hug:

and since im the first to post let me say do not ask this artist to put YOUR O.C's (original characters) into the artwork. let it flow and him/her work from his/her original story! now continue with your scheduled broadcasting!
Az-Pekt's avatar
Yeah, this is comic about Discord's young years and his studying. And don't worry, we DON'T gonna add any OC's in that comic, except some of our non-canon charasters for plot or background. Thank you for support! =)
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