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Walking the Sky

Mellie.. It's kinda like walking the sky. Pretty high up.
I'm fond of the overall look of it, I suppose.
City in bg is San Francisco o.O Preeetttty!
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she seems so ... relaxed, like she belongs up there
wolfblue13's avatar
loveing your stuff
The drawing and photo fit together quite well, and overall an interesting point of view. (from the back and down)
MotorHeart's avatar
I think it's the best of yours... the idea, coloring, character, everything. Beautiful!
nickyflamingo's avatar
wow, there's a wonderful feeling of freedom here, it's refeshing! ^_^
khloe's avatar
This is amazing!! I love the pose and background you used!

The coloring is very beautiful and the anatomy is once again great!
I love what she's wearing - it's so cool. ^^
ryou's avatar
She's the King of the World!!!

Ok, so it was a stupid and slightly dated joke but... too bad. This has to be one of my favorite pics of yours... that's... why I'm going to add it to my favorites.
...makes sense to me.
Regardless the coloring, and the backdrop and the line art... gotta say, I love em all.
mcatra's avatar
*dies* that is SOOO good
genky's avatar
really cool pic ^^
kauai's avatar
iiiii.... am now worshipping you....
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Okay... This image -rocks-. I must fave this. It's rare to actually -see- a CG (dare I say) cartoony-type character fit in with an actual photo. But you pulled it off -well-! I love her pose, outfit and colors. Her anatomy is perfect. A very inspiring piece of artwork! @_@ Whee!
lips's avatar
its kinda sad... well 2 me.. i'm weird but.. its like ... the pose and such ...OH and this is so good its like you made it look as if SHE'S ACTUALLY leaning foward.. you rock..this is great this is going as my favs.. !!
damphyr's avatar
Great job! I love the perspective, the shading fits the b/g perfectly! Very nice job, beautiful image.
neongreywords's avatar
By the way... I forgot... ^^ *favs*
neongreywords's avatar
Woah... That's awsome! It felt like I was falling when I looked at it! o.O
brine's avatar
Holy god. that's incredible.
+Fav, Devwatch.
laudanumvisions's avatar
I've always loved the concept of this picture! Perhaps it may be due to the fact that I have always wanted to be able to fly.....dunno.....but anyway! Great picture still! It's taking a trip to my favourites ^_^....along with most all of your art O_o; *hugs* =D (Big Grin)
spiralunwinding's avatar
Oh this is beautiful. The sleek curvature of her body and the feeling of light-weight.. the image is so captivating within itself. Absolutely gorgeous! :+favelove:
tygris's avatar
oh this is gorgeous.. i love Heart
nekophoenix's avatar
wonderful colouring and pose I must say=^.^=!
tnd's avatar
That's awesome... I like the blend between anime and a stock photo.
blackenedhonestyart's avatar
Very nice coloring. I like the details.
angelblood's avatar
*stares in awe silently for five hours*.....*clicks the fave button*
weaselwoman's avatar
This has always been one of my fave incoperations of a photo into a drawing. It's just meant to be. o_o; *el favo*
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