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I Love You Most

Sun Feb 10, 2019, 4:46 AM

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Commission Info

Sun Apr 30, 2017, 12:09 PM

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Prices per one character in portrait (with simple atmospheric background since backgrounds is not my strong side): 

170$ USD from head to chest.

Sera (commission) by AyyaSAP   Eva (commission) by AyyaSAP   Jessica by AyyaSAP  Pool party Leona /commission/ by AyyaSAP  Flora the fluff snake by AyyaSAP   Swarsie /Commission/ by AyyaSAP

220$ USD for half body (approximately mid-thigh). 

Dark Widowmaker by AyyaSAP   2B My Valentine by AyyaSAP   Blake Belladonna by AyyaSAP   2b by AyyaSAP   Xaessya by AyyaSAP

320$ USD for Fullbody❤️

Pocahontas (commission) by AyyaSAP    Marceline by AyyaSAP    Pole Dancer Mercy (commission) by AyyaSAP   Zaan (OC commission) by AyyaSAP   Eliana by AyyaSAP

Kerrilandra (Commission) by AyyaSAP   Serena /commission/ by AyyaSAP  Safari Caitlyn (commission) by AyyaSAP

Contact me via email to order a commission -   or send me a note here in DeviantArt.


Prepayment only! You can pay full or by half - half before the sketch and half after the sketch receiving! Please describe your character carefully! Send references and describe your preferences. I will rely on your description and provided references, but you also need to understand that for the best result and quality I also rely on my creative vision and opinion. After receiving the sketch, you have the right to make minor changes. I do not provide several sketch options to choose from, thats why you need to correctly describe your commission request.

If you are not sure that my style is exactly what you need - refrain from ordering. I do not refund the first prepayment for a sketch and the time spent. In case you have incurred the full cost, you will receive a refund of half the amount.

When making an order, you agree with the above conditions of my work.

Payment method - PayPal only! or


Sun Apr 30, 2017, 12:05 PM

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New Logo AyyaSAP black 2 by AyyaSAP


Q: How it works? 

A: You're choosing the desired reward and paying for it as indicated in description (or more, I don't mind :D (Big Grin) )

Q: When my payment will be processed and I will get my reward? 

A: It's very simple - my account is working on "Charge Up Front" system. It means that your payment will be processed immediately and you immediately get access to the reward of the month you have become my Patron.

Q: Okay, and if I don't subscribe from the beginning of the month, but from the middle for example? How will I receive my reward? 

A: Doesn't matter when you become my Patron: at the beginning, at the middle or at the end of the month. You pay this month Up Front, which means that you will have access to content I published from the beginning of this month on Patreon (no side-services for download). Further payments will be charged from you EXACTLY on the first day of each month. Therefore you will not have to wait when your payment to be processed to get a reward. You will receive updates immediately as soon as I post it on Patreon.

Q: Is that so simple and I don't have to wait to get my reward? 

A: Yes, it's easy as subscribing to music services, for example, ^^. You're making a monthly subscription on my arts and you will have access to everything I do (within the selected reward). As I said above - You will receive updates immediately as soon as I post it on Patreon. 
Your support is very important to me!

Q: Where can I get rewards of previous months? 
A: You can find my previous months Patreon content in my Gumroad shop. Visit my shop here: GumRoad Icon Gumroad shop 

Q: Do you take requests? I would love to see my favorite character painted by you! 
A. Yes! I always try to draw a lot of requested characters. Drop a line in a comment or write me a short message which character you would like to see. I will put requests into polls where you can vote for your favorites. :) 

Q: What tablet and software do you use for your paintings? 

A: I use Photoshop CC  and my graphic tablet is a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 . 

Q: What image size do you use? 
A: I mostly use 3000 pixels x 4000 pixels (300DPI) canvas size, in this case, all the details that I added to my painting looked very good.