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X-23 Laura Kinney

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She is so badass! Really enjoyed working on her, hope you’ll like it!
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How do you render it so it look so 3D?! If someone were to make a 3D model of this, it wouldn’t look very different.

Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

Gorgeous X-23 and nice abs

It's a awesome art

Morphmongrel's avatar

this could not be more spectacular!!

MuscleBoner444's avatar

LOVE her strong, fit body and 6-pack abs! VERY hot!

ginnymorlock's avatar
Really beautiful work.  She is my favorite X-character.  If Marvel/Disney had any sense at all, they'd do an R rated solo film.
AlexFerrana's avatar

Yeah, I really want to see this movie. X-23 really deserve her own solo film.

ginnymorlock's avatar
I'd like to see Dafne Keen return to the role.  She absolutely killed it in Logan.  She doesn't yet look like that, but any day now...
AlexFerrana's avatar

As a kid Laura she was excellent! B-)

Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
ruby-merrywolf's avatar

The Wolverine's badass DNA clone/daughter. Does she have any other name besides X-23 and Laura?

ginnymorlock's avatar
She eventually became the new Wolverine.  Other than that I don't think so.
bigonekovam's avatar

girlfriend of wolwerine lol

shirokabocha56's avatar

Actually Wolverine's clone/daughter

bigonekovam's avatar

ah ok very kool lol

ginnymorlock's avatar
See the film Logan.  It's really good.  And it fully explains Laura's origin.

It's rated R for gore -- just sayin'.
shirokabocha56's avatar

My favourite X-23 was always Mike Choi's version from the second miniseries, but we may have a new winner! Really great art!

hmbugs's avatar
Beautiful badassery...fantastic! Heart Clap 
Razor22072010's avatar

Nice job, her pose and expression are great and I love her definition and how nicely toned she is

Aerozamon's avatar
Now this is story material for any story site.
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