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Ty Lee

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Nice! Azula and Mai next?

Jdueler11's avatar

Try to do one in her bikini next!

DeltaSceptile's avatar

I so want to squeeze her buns!

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lol! I love this.

She looks so beautiful

Neuraxworm47's avatar

I swear she doesn't have a spine because I would break mine if I tried that shit!:D

I do think that Ty Lee was my first lesbian crushπŸ³β€πŸŒˆ

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beautiful body.. but it's the eyes that got me..

jamin8r's avatar

Such a beautiful rendition :)

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How sexy and so nice pose!

SamuraiShinai's avatar

Can hear panels 1 & 3.

Neuraxworm47's avatar

yep, this is how it is in the show

darkdill's avatar

I know she's an acrobat and a contortionist, but how the heck would her spine work like THAT?

Neuraxworm47's avatar

I know right!? How is she that flexible?!

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She looks so good!

Be still thine heart.

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