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Sylvanas x Widowmaker

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Widowmaker PUBG skin by AyyaSAP  Sylvanas Windrunner by AyyaSAP  Dark Widowmaker by AyyaSAP   
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ThePsych0naut's avatar

*When I saw this*

phaolo's avatar

Weird but hot crossover :D

SaxNViolnz's avatar

Widow, the newest Dark Ranger.

Darkaire21's avatar

I love this so much. I ship this harder than Cortana and Master Chief.

WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar

For two mean ladies, this is a very sweet and lovely scene, well done.

Wonder who would dom who?

jacko0620's avatar

couple about mind controlled?:)

vanBlood's avatar
GeraltofRivia21's avatar

This captures the heart and soul of this beautiful and emotional relationship. Thanks for making a moment of absolute perfection.


LadyRoseArasaka's avatar

that very cute and sweet and i do love how Sylvanass like to show is she the ruler :)

Chayna-Gina's avatar

I'd be he gal pal too. mmmhmmm

Never knew that pair would look so hot together, but damn do they.

TimelessHalls's avatar

What? No! Is this - a kiss before dying?! ;_; Say it isn't so!

GeraltofRivia21's avatar

Maybe they're a fan of The Outfield lol XD

agh5eventh's avatar

How lovely and beautiful scene

little-brujah's avatar
MirrorKhaos's avatar

This is very hot looking! Heart Love

CZGaming10's avatar

That's a fat Widowmaker ass.

Midway2009's avatar

Love should break all the rules.

nice ,good job

Drakenhof's avatar

Unexpected ship happened

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