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Spiderverse Gwen by AyyaSAP   Saeko (HOTD) quick drawing by AyyaSAP  Ahri Xmas by AyyaSAP  Xmas Shego by AyyaSAP  RED Cat by AyyaSAP                        

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gwen is my no. 1 spider-man girl...

FireSuperBoy's avatar

Wheres the art of her in her underwear, I'm trying to find that

DJOKOVIC8's avatar

great picture.

ginnymorlock's avatar
More proof that Spider-Gwen needs her own film.
MrOtterson's avatar
I didn't realize how tight that suit was. She still has some cuteness here.
B-Noxx's avatar
She's so sexy loved this one❤️❤️
g33katheart's avatar
another superb job!
merkavah12's avatar
Absolutely fantastic!
dragonwing5279's avatar
It nice to see her made a name for herself.
jarvik2009's avatar
She is really pretty and the costume looks amazing. Slippers are cute too
darkrazial's avatar
nice prefer this haircut to the previous one but either way she looks good
bloodredcookie's avatar
alfonsopina887's avatar
very nicely done and very cool
vanBlood's avatar
ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
Personally I like her hair like this then how it looks in "Into the Spiderverse"

that aside, Beautiful job well done on Spider-Gwen. ;) 
MelodicChronic's avatar
I think I like this hairstyle more. Great work.
xXMadeliaXx's avatar
Ahhah. That's hot. That's hot.
Roxirin's avatar
@ Literally everyone here: What the fuck. This particular version of Gwen Stacey is 15 years old. This is so weird that you would draw her in a sexually suggestive manner and even worse that everyone seems fine with it.
Dingori's avatar
these people are sick and sex sells on this website like fresh buns. admins should stop this
ArticWolfClaw's avatar
This version of Gwen Stacy is based off of her comic version, where she’s 19-21. You can tell by the haircut 
WritingStoriesForFun's avatar
1. im pretty sure in this the artist makes it so she is an adult in this. 

2. get your head of the clouds and realize Gwen Stacey is not real. she is a fictional characters with no real emotions or feelings. you are letting pixels affect you and make you be negative. unless you're just seeking negativity then i cant help sadness
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