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Space Ishtar

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Space Ishtar always gave me Captain Harlock this piece is tiers above normie arousal.

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I want that outfit!
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absolutely amazing art work!!!
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I like how she's just lounging around up there. 
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Awesome and amazing :wow:
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She looks like Bayonetta. 
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Very nice  Badassplz
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I feel like I'm the only one that's annoyed about all these Sakimichan copycats...

Like come on, go back to your own style that I love, not these hypersexualized fan characters.

The anatomy is so wonky too like wth where is her groin
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those legs at the ass don't look realistic. like...they shouldn't be that separated.
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its nice art but alittle much borderline porn ima be a friend and say have fun posting art but watch what type of art u post bud

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This looks amazing 🥰! Plus, she looks rather sexy😋❤️!

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Thirst is real. nice work

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That looks like a hard pose to draw.
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This is freaking amazing
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