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Character  She-Ra
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Wow! Pretty and Cute~ :heart:

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What is the name of this style of coloring?????

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My glasses are blurry as shit
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Lovely She-Ra! :)

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You can't beat the classics...

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I love the way you've designed She-Ra that way.:love:

Nice, sexy pose of her!!

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Yeah Hero-girl of my childhood

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she-ra is way more buff than that

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Classic She-ra will always be superior to that piece of crap remake.

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I dunno man. 80’s She-Ra wouldn’t rip your spine out and play All Those Endearing Young Charms with said spine like Reboot She-Ra can.

(Although, it’s not canon that she can.)

Also, Reboot She-Ra wouldn’t mind getting her hands covered in the blood of her enemies, can the 80’s Adora can?
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Edginess does not equal maturity or quality. Especially when it's nothing more than one big SJW wankfest. The people who watch the reboot She-ra are nothing more than contrarians trying to show off how "progressive" they are but in actuality are the kind of people who that old saying about the holocaust said wouldn't speak up when they take people away because they weren't part of that targeted group.

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someone said exactly what i was thinking but becasue my english is not good i could not say it correctly! THANK YOU MAN! TRUTH HAS SHOWN LIGHT!

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I've seen that new She-ra. There's nothing edgy about it. It just has gay characters now.

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...Okay, maybe the edgieness is just a headcanon it mine
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All Hail good old She-Ra!! not the imposter...

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OG She-Ra is Best She-Ra

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She looks beautiful and amazing; this design much better than the Netflix version without a doubt. :love:

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How beautiful and great job!!

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