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Rogue ( X-Men Evolution )

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Happy Valentine's Day

Thanks to my patrons for choosing her! Heart 

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Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

Great and exciting Rogue! Awesome artwork. 😍☺️👍

According to one of the producers, Scott & Rogue ended up together.
devilgod-xd's avatar

I mean, I hate gambit, but I don't know if I like scott any better

SigillumDeiAemeth's avatar

I had a big crush on her 15 years ago as a teenager when i used to watch the X-Men cartooN 😻

DragoonWarrior94's avatar

Me too, still have a crush on her to be honest sexiest version of her in my opinion

Archilin's avatar

master piece! , congratulations

Match25's avatar
easily the best Rogue design, though always nicer to see her without that see through shirt
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
2000 called, they want their everything back
KimberlyGoth666's avatar

I love the X Men Evolution look for Rogue as we are both Goth Sisters!

Its really an awesome work... Love all you are doing, keep working hard!

bigonekovam's avatar

rogue the vampire lol great artwork xd keep strong ok

Blockyblob's avatar
this show was awesome
EstevanOlvera13's avatar
X-Men Evolution Rogue is and still my favorite version of Rogue (and I was born in the 90's)
EtherealBlade4's avatar
Wow!! This is incredible! :D 
Dante8411's avatar
I've always been strangely enamored with this version of Rogue. Nice work.
jaxhunin's avatar

Rogue -- no matter the incarnation -- she gives the true mean of "you can look but you can't touch". :))

Skaramine's avatar
Her finest costume.  Mercy, and merci!
DrMediic's avatar
Stunning, I really love her she's just soo beautiful <3
This looks amazing oh gosh!!
QueenVeronicathe1st's avatar

Beautiful (reminds me of supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio) ...

You have a superb talent xoxo

DSchneider's avatar
Goth Rogue. My favorite.
Frostgiantarmy's avatar
It's a shame you'll literally die from touching her.
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