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Queen Elsa (Frozen 2)

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  Elsa Frozen II by AyyaSAP  Pauline (commission) by AyyaSAP                 

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Very pretty! Sweet!

Amazing Beauty 🌹

Frozen 2 is nah i think in frozen 3 if they made it a 18 old fire boy come to town hiding who he is and she find out and what to help him with his fire power people come to the town look for him she stand hide him from and find out what going on again if they made it

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I loved both of her dresses....... plus her nightgown from "Into the Unknown" (I've done a Pokémon parody of the song, if you wanna check it out)! They were all so beautiful! Her dresses I would wear to special events, and her nightgown, if in non-cosplay form, could work as a real nightgown!

Majestic beauty wow

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So pretty and awesome! Love 
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very gorgoeus and beatiful work on her
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Honestly I liked the sequel more than the first movie. By the way great art! ^^
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The only Disney Princess to become a Queen!
Honestly, a Disney "Princess" ascending to the throne is practically unprecedented.
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I always thought the cami under the dress was redundant.  But I guess the movie was for kids.
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I didn't know Elsa was a Vulcan  (Look at the fingers of  her right hand.)
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She lovd me with yuris ?
i believe your older elsa art was far superior
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