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Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)

By AyyaSAP
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Heart And now it’s time to show you what I got for the most sexiest woman in galaxy - Miranda! Would you play in such a Mass Effect? :D (Big Grin) 
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She's definitely like, "What are you waiting for, commander? Let's have some fun, before the big battle with Cerberus, & the Reapers!"

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Best girl.  Shame femshep can't romance her.
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My second romance option for my custom MaleShep and for a very good reason as Miranda Lawson is making her intentions well known.
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Please draw Tali too :D
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Wow amazing. Sexiest character in the game. Tali has nothing on her
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Super Hot! Horny! Horny revamp Family Guy Emote Quagmire Giggity Goo Alright 
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Beautiful! Love her pose and expression!
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I went exact opposite way. Was browsing Gumroad for completely different thing and... 'hey that's Miranda!' :D (Big Grin) 

Super sweet piece. Exquisite lines.Clap 
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Please make one of carmen sandiego xD
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Apart from her sexy, curvy figure, Miranda's most distinctive traits are her deep blue eyes, they give an air of profound seduction - like if they could dig into one's very soul.
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I don’t know if you gave this guy permission or not, but found the NSFW version posted on this guys deviantart page.

Here’s the link:

Mature Content

Miranda-Lawson-Ayyasap-Mass-Effect-Hentai by fabsteros

hopefully I’m wrong about this guy, but I thought you should know
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Thank you for letting me know, my friend! :) I have reported to DeviantArt.
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simply beautyfull !
i don't say that because i love mass effect lol.
all of your pieces are amazing!
thanks very much to share that with us
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Awesome work! 
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Worth saving the Galaxy for...
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Really like this piece
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This is great! Lighting, colors, her face... all great!
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Very beautiful Miranda!  Excellent work.
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AyyaSAP, are there more than two versions of this pic?  There is so much potential here!  :)  I love your rendition of Miranda!  Very sexy.
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