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MedEyya 17

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Heart Continuing the summer theme, I want to show you something. It's not a fanart, but something that's personally mine, I've long planned a small series of works with my Original Characters. MedEyya 17 is the one of them, feel free to draw her in your style! Use hashtag #MedEyya17 and don’t forget to mention me , so I can find your work! Hope you'll enjoy!Love 
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Tyurru (commission) by AyyaSAP 

Mature Content

Scarlet Witch X Black Widow by AyyaSAP
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One of my favourite piece ...
Why ?

already you used green, my favorite color (1 point)... and you even put some in the hair and eyes (2 more points), then it looks like it has the skin of a half-breed, like me (1 point)... she has a Spongebob surfboard and my second name is Bob (2 points more but if you laugh I take one point off)... she wears a one-piece bathing suit and I also when I go to the beach I wear a one-piece bathing suit (1 point more) and finally she seems to like the sea... me too! (2 more points)...

Beautiful Work !
I'm in love  Love 
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Heh heh, nice ^^
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A great piece of work ! :)
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woahhh the black and green hair looks amazinggg
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Thank you! :3
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At least she didn't waste her money on the Tesla board. 

Elon Musk, the Preston Tucker of the 21st century.

(The things we do to distract the public from not being able to build cars in a timely manner.) 
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Así si me aguanto el olor a pescado.
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cool its spongebob
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Awesome, I love the surfer girl look :)
I certainly get why Sponge Bob is smiling. I would too.
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most Ravishing thing on dA today----
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Seriously though SpongeBob?! XD
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Very nice  Cool WinkBlue Love Applaud fella (Reactions)
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Really nice! :clap:
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