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[i]: potted sprout pixel  I think it may be useful tip for you guys 
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Kiss - revamp ♥Used Brushes /ABR/
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    Skin tones variations study (from BW) by AyyaSAP  Shadow variations by AyyaSAP  BASICAL Emotions by AyyaSAP    
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Very beautiful lips. Excellent tutorial! :squee-love: - PLZ 
NarutoByAri's avatar
What brushes do you use?
elviraNL's avatar
I would like to know this too, can't seem to get the right brush to get the same effect as you do.
NarutoByAri's avatar
How do you handle the layers?
Alekeri's avatar
That's very nice! Good job! ^^
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felixthemaster's avatar
Thanks I just tried my first painting using this reference. This is really hard! Thousands of semi-random strokes later, I think I am done. I gave you credits in the description of my uploaded pic.
y4ui89's avatar
Can I use this as reference in the future when drawing female lips?
AyyaSAP's avatar
Of course! I will be glad if it proves to be useful to you.Huggle!  Don't forget about credits!;) (Wink) 
Azukari-5's avatar
Do you think I can use this picture for my site on fb? It's a site to help artists get better at art.
AyyaSAP's avatar
Yes, you can use this picture, with credits.Meow :3 
Azukari-5's avatar
Of course! Thank you much :)
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