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Katara (alt outfit)

Character  Katara
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Just created account for things that I love to draw for myself 💚 

Take a look if you're interested

Nelumbo nucifera by AyyaSOL  Lilac by AyyaSOL

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Amazing stuff here.

SM3xyy's avatar

So Beautiful

LavenderAi's avatar
Why is it blurry, is that you or...?
ScorpioDolphin's avatar
Am I the only one this is super blurry for? My vision without my glasses isn't even this blurry. I really want to see it but it's not showing.
same •~•
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yah need to turn mature on
ScorpioDolphin's avatar
It’s super blurry for me as well
MissMoonshadow0501's avatar
You have to be watching the artist to be able to see it clearly. I honestly hate the “watchers only” option. 😕
ScorpioDolphin's avatar
Oh, okay. That makes so much sense. Thank you! Is that an extra thing? Or is it like following?
MissMoonshadow0501's avatar
Watching an artist basically means you’re following them. :)
ScorpioDolphin's avatar
MissMoonshadow0501's avatar
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this is actually pretty clear

drachenmagier's avatar

It's watchers only, so anybody who does not watch the artist just gets a blurred out version. :)

Kireya's avatar

ohhhhhhhh that's why

ScorpioDolphin's avatar
My phone is still relatively new, and it's blurry as crap for me. I have no idea why. 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
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Wow! Your work is something to behold!

This is pretty good!

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Wait, is that Avatar season3 Ep2 that Katara dress red and acting parents of Aang because is not that bad, your good drawing of her, Thanks

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