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Harley Quinn

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 Heart By numerous requests, I decided to redraw Harley Quinn! And also I made 2 exclusive NSFW versions, they are available on my PATREONHeart 

cherry blossom ♥Hi-res Image
cherry blossom ♥GIF Steps
cherry blossom ♥Color Palette
cherry blossom ♥Clean Lineart PNG
cherry blossom ♥Poll
cherry blossom♥ +2 NSFW versions (18+) - Available on my PATREON

cherry blossom  
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Harley Quinn (redraw 2015-2017) by AyyaSAP  (2017 version)
Each of my fanart is not 100% canon. The characters are an adult, anyone who will arrange "holy war" in the comments on this subject will be blacklisted without warning and forever!

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Harley Quinn bikini (redraw 2015-2017) by AyyaSAP  Soda Pop Jinx by AyyaSAP  2B (NieR Automata) by AyyaSAP  Karin (commission) by AyyaSAP 
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NotoriousPunkStudent Digital Artist

This is amazing. Can I know on which software did you design this?

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AyyaSAPProfessional Digital Artist
I use Photoshop Nod 
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Edwardv17Hobbyist Photographer
and members of the Baseball Furies n Negan's Club :)
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ghostbusters5's avatar
Damn!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Beautiful and sexy work!!!!!!
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is there a nsfw version of this? This is really awesome!
AyyaSAP's avatar
AyyaSAPProfessional Digital Artist
Yes! Now there is, please read the description below the picture. :)
SejuaniMain's avatar
AMAZING!!! I am so tempted! Jinx, Harley! Super thinking over it, always loved your work! :D
Here hoping for a spider-gwen trifecta <3
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fueledbyartsProfessional Digital Artist
Good! Go check my things! jsfanart.deviantart.com/
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SupaSilverHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello!! My friend wanted to ask if he could use this image as his phone cover? 
He said that if you don't mind removing your dA name on the left and the 
patreon sign on the right. ^^; If you can't, I understand. 
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PurriliciousHobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely gorgeous~!
It's so sad to see people use this without proper credit :(
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FanartsyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! just wanted to tell you that there's plenty of people that have stolen your art. As a fellow artist it makes me sad to see this reposted in PaigeeWorld for example by a user named "nightcore709" and I don't know if you've given permission to it but it's been cropped and used in a youtube video by Chill NC for their Suicide Squad OST without any credit.
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TanokoHobbyist General Artist
Oh yes I love Harley's new look for the Suicide Squad movie. Your version of it is gorgeous, really love the drawing style you used. Love it! Heart 
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I wanna be her daddy! Please!
Plainsmen69's avatar
WoW ! Gotta Love HQ great job
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QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Msn Mental Explode Emote 3 
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I saw your work in the latest Imagine FX.  Congrats on your FX Pose spread.  Your work is very imaginative and stunning.  Keep going !
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Very beautiful.
ghostwarriorgirl's avatar
absolutely stunning.
I think her shirt is supposed to say "daddy's lil mobster" though :)
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Good stuff.
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This is so good I love it!
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Wow, perfection
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Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
Awesome, Sexy, and Cool Artwork!!!:D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz :o (Eek) Meow :3 ;) (Wink) Love Heart Clap La la la la Nod :happybounce: 
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