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Heart   This is my first drawing on my brand new Wacom Cintiq Pro 24! :happybounce:  It was a huge expirience! For me, an old dream came true, I received a tool for creativity that I had long dreamed of. I am very very happy. It became possible thanks to you, my watchers who support me morally and financially.Love  Many thanks to my patrons and customers, thanks to you this dream has become a reality. I will continue to try to please you with my creativity and will try to improve my skills! Hug 
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Whoever designed that thing is a flat-out genius. Hats off to them

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Femme Fatale + Red / booty = "I wanna drown my face in all of it"

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Awesome work the rain and reflections of light and of course she looks great!
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Oh I think I'm in peril. I need someone to save me. ;)

 Great job with this. Love the setting too!
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Bitch, is that GALBACI????
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Absolutely FLAWLESS!!!!
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Delicious booty on the bike. ;P
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You think if they drew her like this for the movie, the popularity of the movie would be even higher than it is already.  More dad's would be taking their kids to the movies. 
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Okay, SURELY she knows the effect she's having on anyone watching :XD:
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Elastgirl,the thicc super hero! :squee:
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And in the rain, an hot superheroine appear.
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Sexiest Mrs. Incredible from the hit sequel. GREAT WORK! 
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