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(Crazy love) Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy

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Heart Well, it's time to show what I got on the results of our new "Love Poll" in Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon ultramini PATREON ! It was an interesting experience, my task is to show feelings, passion between two people Hug , you can judge how I managed it, but I really hope that you will like it! I plan to develop further in this direction and make this topic even more sensual, if you certainly support me! Flirtatious 

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Tyrande Whisperwind by AyyaSAP   Halloween party Mercy by AyyaSAP     Lady Sylvanas by AyyaSAP   Poison Ivy /redraw/ by AyyaSAP  Harley Quinn (redraw) by AyyaSAP  Pharah (Overwatch) by AyyaSAP     

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they look so good together

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awsme how did you do that

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I wish someone did my makeup like this. Xx

You certainly captured the passion wow I can almost hear their heartbeat. I would love to see one of harley and punchline capturing their hate for one another and the lust they secretly have for one another. Great job.

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Wow...crazy HOT! :wow: :heart: :clap:

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Not her shade....

jack4321xo's avatar

Very nice...very sexy

Ah! It's Harley and Ivy! It's Ivy and her wife! 😍


Amazing, mate!!

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I want to be the Harley in this picture
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You can tell that they don't need batman to have fun.
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I love this! these two are so cute!
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Well, a big HELLO to you, Good Artist !!!  I got here from far outside DA (a Google search for... because I'm not telling)
Your use of colors and shading, right down to skin tones and textures, the sky and wild plant life... I could see this as a lovely poster/print on someone's wall (perhaps mine).
Its been a few minutes looking at this, and you Bad girl, you... letting that nasty Perv `Deadpool` be peeping on them!  I can also see Pam's nail polish be a shade of red, but for Harley... would it be Too busy, either the Cobalt now, or to be Black, PLUS have on hers different little emoji Skeleton heads in delicate White?  And I agree with ~Sexy-Jenna69~ below; can you do them each solo?
Thanks again, you have a wonderful body of work I'm going to keep an eye on.
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They Are Beautiful
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