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:D (Big Grin) A piece that I made for my Deviantart profile page, decided to upload it for you guys :D (Big Grin) 
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Forgive me /first DD redraw/ by AyyaSAP  Major Motoko by AyyaSAP   Sombra by AyyaSAP  Lara Croft by AyyaSAP 
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wow! fantastic....
spacewolflord's avatar
Love the colors in this, they are quite vibrant.
Thank you for sharing.
RandyStarFru1t's avatar
i was going to say it kinda reminds me of Ross Tran art a little,,,
just slightly ,,,,but it cant be cause ross doesnt have the guts to do sexy art
ayakolove300's avatar
Ohhh awesome😍
ayakolove300's avatar
High awesome😍
Phify's avatar
The colors in this are amazing!
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That's one long and malleable finger.
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potente789's avatar
ayya your doin; day- glos -i luv itt !
S3rb4n's avatar
Ayya, you have a SEXY tablet ;P
soulSmith1's avatar
I love everything about this.
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