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Bela Dimitrescu

Character  Bela Dimitrescu
Bella Dimitrescu one of the most hottest girl from RE8😏

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Eula Lawrence /Genshin Impact/ by AyyaSAP  Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Vampire Lady:RE 8 Village) by AyyaSAP  Judy Alvarez by AyyaSAP 

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This is so sick <3

Freaky but hot 🔥

beautiful :)

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Sexy and beautiful Bela!

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woooow muy bonita y sexy 737 sigue así

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Awesome Bela!!:love:

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One sexy pile of bugs and fungus...LOL!!!

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Deadly and sexy vampire. jawdrop revamp

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Do you make the others daugthers Dimitriscu?

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And nice work btw, here you've earned these...Loki kfc kfc

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When she purrs “manblood!", don‘t say no! 😆

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Chilling and sexy at the same time!!

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This is sooooooo hot!!

the daughters are what to get nuts over

why that lady??

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Probably because she was revealed first
JazzFett23's avatar

I guess but she’s not even pretty or whatever

I just don’t get it

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Probably because either she is one of the bosses or people are horny to point where they wouldn’t care plus she’s unique among all the other resident evil villains in the franchise
JazzFett23's avatar
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Also if I’m being honest the only other art other than that I seen them together is at least one picture of Daniela
Pokelover29's avatar

Yeah but the upside is it looks as good this

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