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Ada and Claire

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Commission Waitlist and SlotsHey! If you have long wanted to order something from me, I have good news!
I opened the commission season and if you are interested, below you will find a list of free slots (if you want to be anonymous in this list, let me know).
*You’ll be placed to free slot after the payment.*
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Prepayment only! Please describe your character carefully! Send references and describe your preferences. I will rely on your description and provided references, but you also need to understand that for the best result and quality I also rely on my creative vision and opinion.
After receiving the sketch, you have the right to make minor changes. I do not provide several sketch options to choose from, thats why you need to correctly describe your commission request. You can also give me complete freedom if you don’t know exactly what you want.

If you are not sure that my style is exac
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A: You're choosing the desired reward from tiers  and paying for it as indicated in description (or more, I don't mind :D (Big Grin) )
Q: When my payment will be processed and I will get my reward? 

A: It's very simple - my account is working on "Charge Up Front" system. It means that your payment will be processed immediately and you immediately get access to the reward of the month you have become my Patron. (Payment will be charged immediately at the time of your subscription, renewal of the subscription and the following withdrawal of funds (regardless of when you started your subscription) occurs e
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exelente trabajo me encanta!

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This is 100% Leon approved!
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Is anyone else concerned that these young women will most likely end up with a fatal injury due to the fact they don't have bullet proof vests? Really Makes You Think, The Fucked Up 3D Edition

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Dayummmmmmmmmm baby that’s hot

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I'd buy this DLC.
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hot and Delicious friendHeart Smug Grounder 
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...oh wow. Oh wow. Oh. My God wow. Claire and Oh my God wow they' *O* That practical? Nope. That fucking spectacularly sexy? YES. *O* My God. Oh my God dem lingerie outfits...oh. God. <3 Fantastic. Fantastic. I can't even. *O*
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:) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap Clap Devilish Devilish 
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I... Think they both mixed up each other's wardrobe. :laughing: :love: :love:
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Did it I mean sorry my microphone makes me say the wrong thing
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Kick ass i just like it's a different twist not that it's sexy like because it's art how long did ta me you make it.
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best hot & sexy combo ever!!!
greetings & superb art work on these goddesses.
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A single bullet. That's all it will take.
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They both looks absolutely beautiful, stunning and sexy!!Love very beautiful work!!:D (Big Grin) ;) (Wink) 
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Very nice Cool EmoticonHeart Emoticon Thumbsup EmoticonBravo #2
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