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Aayla Secura

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Aayla Secura: breathtaking & sexy ASF

beautiful twi lek :)

I enjoy your art it looks amazing I also really like twi'leks they are some of my favorite Star Wars characters.

I wonder if you will ever do any artwork of Oola?

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Aayla is the sexiest jedi in the galaxy :heart: revamp

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Most Impressive

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This is the best art of her I’ve ever seen

one of Ahsoka from season 7 please?

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Amazing work. Can you draw Loba from Apex legends?
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I love all the Star Wars. Keep up the great work!

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fascinating drawing good verse evil blue light saber red evil
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Simply Marvelous Artwork!!! Mindblowing YOU'RE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a Blue Lightsaber Emoticon

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Blue Twi'leks are the hottest creatures in existence.

They are called Rutians. Though an orange Togruta has made me wonder.

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Just finished Clone Wars the other day and this piece is perfect! She's gorgeous!

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Aayla is my favorite and I feel she doesn't get enough recognition. Thanks for drawing her!! She's perfect!

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This art Is Nice and sexy 👌👌
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Wonderful rendering. Great piece

Met the actress (Ms/Mss Allen) at Origins several years back, she was really nice to talk with.

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awesome portrait and awesome Aayla :P

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