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This picture shows my beloved Ayven using his special ability from the victims point of view. In his ritual form he can take over an other lifeform and hide himself inside its mind.
But this Ability has two sides. On the one hand, Ayven can even read the victims memories, so nobody notices that the one is possessed, but on the other hand a part of the memories stay in his own mind, so his character is partly formed by his victims. As long he didn't manage a control he gets slowly weaker untill he turns back automatically.

How long he can control a life form depends on his own state and how much memories he needs to use. If the victim sees, what is happening it is only half the time or it even fails. On lifeforms with a stronger will than normal humans got, it is almost useless.

Too bad, he can't delete the victims memory of been controled.
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Interesting power.
I do think it should be really really hard having to deal with a lot of diferent memories and oposite personalits inside your self.
Your dragon has some interesting history, and it's a balanced character, really rare to see in dragons oc's around here.
As far as the drawing goes, I just think it needs more shadding, and the eyes should be a little more separated. Otherwise it's really nice. ^^