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My Brother
IN MY MIND, Flashes,
Nothing totally whole, still-frames defined,
Mostly in Winter, more fragmented Summer.
All out of order.
My Brother,
Black, utilitarian fingerless gloves and
The Black Leather Duster,
Smoke in hand,
He is
A Superhero.
My Brother
Protects me from the Monsters.
So brave and so strong,
So smart and so kind.
Loved like he Raged,
Completely and Honestly.
My Brother,
Renfest twilights,
Swords, mead and fireworks,
Monk's robe and borrowed boots.
He wore sandals and shorts in the snow, and
Black every day in high school
Because they told him he couldn't-
Katy in the '90s.
He went to classes sometimes.
Sci-fi geek,
My Brother,
Star Trek, wanted Amazing Grace
on Bagpipes
Like Spock had in Wrath of Khan.
(We did the best we could on short notice, Mig)
My Brother,
in the Yellow Bird, Terrible Thunder Chicken,
Firebird as old as me,
Picked me up after school
Driving in the heat.
Stereo blaring
Metallica's Black Album,
Alanis's Jagged Little Pill.
(He loved her as God in Dogma)
:iconayune:ayune 1 2
Pink Converse
Pink Converse (I Will Not Stop)
We stood, apart, on a beach at winter-tide.
I hold those memories tight-clenched at my side,
and though I can't, I hold your hand still tightly twined in mine.
In my mind, no divide.
If they try to dissolve our sacred vows,
I'll resolve to keep mine anyhow
No Devil's curse, no universe could ever deny me now.
I return to you, my love, somehow...
Right now.
The power to hold me has been defined
Within the confines of your mind
Now no one can hold me on the road to you.
And I will not stop 'til I can trace
The well-lov-ed contours of your face,
Until I can race into the stellar blue,
With you...
Pink Converse traversed a barren plane,
My only fuel, an echo of my name.
No sweeter drug, no passion tugs me
Stronger than the glimmer of our flame,
Burns untamed.
Burns unchanged.
I will not stop, I made my choice,
I'm breathing the echoes of your voice,
The air resonates unspoken 'I love you's,
And I will not stop 'til I can say,
"Oh yes, my love, I'm here to st
:iconayune:ayune 4 1
HP: Last Blood Chapter II
Following close behind Snape's irritated exclamation, an Uncomfortable Silence swept in, pulled a book off a shelf, turned on some nice, soothing music, poured itself a tall glass of red wine and generally threatened to make a night of it. Harry tossed glances to Hermione and Ron,(shocked and stunned, repectively) to MacGonagall(somewhat mortified but covering it well) to Snape(resignedly bitter, as usual) and to Sinistra(about to wet herself from repressed laughter.) It was not until after the Uncomfortable Silence started in on its fifth game of solitaire that Harry actually managed to force his mouth to make sounds.
"Um.." Harry said, lamely looking around for someone knowledgeable. His eyes landed gratefully on his wizened head of house.
MacGonagall looked very much like she had somewhere expremely important to be within the next thirty seconds or so and had completely forgotten. She stared with overwhelming alarm at her pocketwatch in a way that practically screamed,'Oh, look at t
:iconayune:ayune 3 0
Tonks by ayune Tonks :iconayune:ayune 3 1
Good Omens...for a wedding
A thousand free grapes at Whole Foods,
A piper at the chapel,
A hundred blossoming fruit-woods,
Twenty roasted apples,
A grackle walking 'longside me,
A lilting monarch butterfly,
"All You Need is Love," on my mp3,
A barrista boy with Caribbean eyes,
Victorian Earl Grey in my cup,
Smiles on foreign faces,
Daffodils, trumpets up,
Mosquito hawks in races,
Zira smiles and Crowley hoots,
Agnes laughs in wonder,
My Sister-Queen is wedded, w0ot!
To the first-born Prince of Summer.
for Thzinc and Zuzi
:iconayune:ayune 2 2
HP and the Last Blood ch. 1
You could have it all,
My empire of dirt.
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt.

She took in another of a seemingly endless number of shuddering breaths as the water hit her face and fell back into the basin. There was no helping it- no matter how much water she splashed on herself, she couldn't seem to wake up. She pushed her wet hands through her hair, the tangled curls letting her go only so far. She let out a deep, low sob.
"Oh, God..." Her whole body shuddered and she collapsed, clinging to the basin like a castaway to a life raft. For a long time, the only sounds were her choked breath and the water dripping onto the tile.
Perhaps a century later, she realized she was freezing. Woozily, she pulled herself back up until she was standing, fairly surely, once again facing the mirror. She opened her eyes. The dark face looking back out at her shuddered and sobbed once more, then wiped her eyes and stared her down like iron. Her breathing slowed, and relaxed into a norma
:iconayune:ayune 3 1
Walk On Roses
There once was a garden, full blood roses, and
Orchids in the water-seasons, and
Vampires in the winter, all
Frock coats and lace and
Heath Ledger pretending,
And I was looking on
a Train-crash relation,
His hands on her flushed face
and his finger in his buddy's jar
Hardy har-har,
Pretending, pretending
While each word was cutting new
Wounds for the salting,
Her eyes glazing over like puddles in winter,
Blood puddles in winter,
And all I was, when I should have been screaming
Dreaming, dreaming.
Always of you, always,  always you...
When he turned his hand in mine I always turned away.
I think back to water-light on pillows,
Water ice blue like the color of my eyes,
I think back to pretending I was a princess
With roses in my hair, pink roses on my cheeks,
Wasn't free even then. No, I was never the princess
I dream I am now, all wrapped up in moonbeams
Like gauze from the washerwoman,
pink from the waves,
Pink like a princess, princess...
When he held my hand it was chil
:iconayune:ayune 1 2
Trent Coloured by ayune Trent Coloured :iconayune:ayune 4 3 Trent the CI Dementor by ayune Trent the CI Dementor :iconayune:ayune 0 2 Luna Lovegood by ayune Luna Lovegood :iconayune:ayune 0 4 Mother Mary by ayune Mother Mary :iconayune:ayune 3 1 Over My Head by ayune Over My Head :iconayune:ayune 0 1 Severus and Rachel 1978 by ayune Severus and Rachel 1978 :iconayune:ayune 1 1
That the Sun Shines
I woke up this morning half afraid, half brave
But that's normal, when
You're walking in the dark.
Digging for something you forgot
You ever had.
To be honest, I was shocked to learn
That the sun shines,
That it lights the world, I thought
Everyone was wandering in this blatant
Sea of Nothing, but I thought
We were a world of our own,
But I built that, I know that now,
I made for myself someplace to hide,
But don't deride it, you did it, too
Just not with me, no, not you...
To be honest, I was surprised to learn
That the wind blows,
That it moves the clouds and pushes waves,
I thought
Everything was still and this
Mad Cacophony
Was a figment of my insanity.
But I was never
What I told myself I wasn't.
I didn't love you, I didn't,
But I did need you, I built
Castles of ether  out of the
Wartime behind eyes,
And to be fair, I'm glad
You scattered them to vapor
Blinking like you did,
Condescending like you did,
But I'm the elder here,
Though I still feel thirteen-
But it wasn't
:iconayune:ayune 0 2
The Free Verse Room by ayune The Free Verse Room :iconayune:ayune 1 4 And the Full Moon Shining by ayune And the Full Moon Shining :iconayune:ayune 1 4

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Michael J. Lamb
March 12, 1970 - July 25, 2008

I love you.



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