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UsagixGaius =Sweetly Secret
LissaxRicken = Childish Love
ChromxSully =Past and future Love
MaribelleXFredrick = Mannerism and Love
ThrajaXLibra =Coffined heart
CordeliaXVirion = Indigo Affection
SumiaXHenry = Intamate Exchnage
MirielXLon'qu = Inquiry of the heart
ChercheXVaike = Romantic Allinace
NowiXKellam = Hide and Seek Pledge
PanneXSthal = Thankful fellowship
Olvia x Donnel = Uncommon Duet
MorganxNah = Naga's bell
LucinaxBrady = Acupunture Heart
SeveraxLaurnet = Fruitful Partnership
KjellexIngio = Dedication of the Heart
CynthiaxYarne = Heroic Hearts
NoirexOwain = Ingredients for a Propoal
Germone marries no one
Gender Female
Build 3
Face 4
Hair 3
Hair color 18
Voice 3
Assest magic
Flaw restinace
Ally Heart
Love Cry
Crimson love
Indigo Affection
Isurmounable link
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 1 0
Name: Mizuki
Hair color : 12
Voice 2
Build: 1
Assest: Stratedgy
Flaw: Magic
Save File :
MizukixDonnel = Stragsical trap of the heart
OlivaxVaike = Aploagetic Romance
Chrom xunamed Maiden=Unconvetional Marriage
LissaxLon'qu = Distaracted Distance
SullyxGregor=Crimson love
ChercherexLibra =
Sumiaxhenry= check again
IngioxNoire =
OwainxCythina =
LaurentxLucina =
Morgan marries No One
phila and ramas
suminx donnel
boar jerky, bear jerky, fried fish,nettle tea
sumia can only marry: chrom, fredrick, henry, gauis
ricken can only marry: lissa, robin, sully, mireal, panne, maribelle, nowi, thraja, oliva, cherchere and cordeila
12 kids
2 right and lef khans flavia and baislro
1 emmeyn
28 spec
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Emi Akiyama X Henry
Name:Emi Akiyama
Build Two
Face 3
Hair 2
Hair color :13
Voice Number :Two
Hp good aspect
Luck bad aspect
Save's File:
EmiXHenry=Hexical Inspiration
VaikexMireal=Instinctual amour
ChromXMaribelle= Nobility's endearment
ThrajaXVrion=Betoken Passion
KellamXCherche=Undisovderd adoration
LissaxGaius= Delightful doting
ShtalxSully= Paladin Regard
NowiXLon'qu=Captavating game
LibraxOliva=Pirouette altruism
SumiaxFredrick=Knighlty solicitude
RickenxPanne=Idolized story
CordleiaxGregor=Solider of Intamacy
MorganxSevra=Sample of Romance
LucinaXOwain=Colorful paramour
NahXYarne=Chance attachment
BradyXKjelle=Compassionate Training Unit
IngoiXCythina=Besseched Compassion
NoirexLaunrent=Vexation Craving
Germone marries no-one
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Mirelx Gregor
Lon'qu X Panne
Kjelle=didnt not maryr anyone
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Librax Kari Meriko
Librax Kari Meriko = Attractive Phenomoen
ChromxOliva=Timid Oath
SumiaXGaius= Muffain Cake
LissaXHenry= Slumbering Tie
MaribellexGregor= Stolen Heart
SullyXDonnel= Lovely Garuntee
MirelxSthal= Scientific attachment
RickenXNowi= Everlasting promise
CordielaxLon'qu= Steely Affilication
ChercheXFredrick= Honnor's Kinmenship
PanneXVirion= Weather patterned Vow
ThrajaxVaike= A Potion for a Pledge
NoireXYarne= Hidden Attentiveness
LucinaXMorgan= Optomistic Hope
NahXIngio= Perciptive partnerhip
GermoneXKjelle=Sparing assocation
LaurentXCythina= Afixed Tenderment
ServraxOwain= Sesntive love
morgan-robins kid
Germone-cherche's kid
Severa-cordila's kid
noire-tharjas kid
ingio-olivas kid
Lucina-chroms kid
kjelle-sully's kid
owain-lissa's kid
nah-nowi's kid
cnyhia-sumia's kid
laurent-mirael's kid
yare-pannes kid
brady-maribelles kid
build 3, face1, hair 4, hair color 19 voice 3
flower braclets
custrad pie, cowberry cake made with honey, fruit tart, boar jerky, bear jerky, fried fish
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Larunet marries no one
hair : 3
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Inferno's Cradle Guild
Colors: Yellow and Red
Symbol: Fire Swirl
Name: Inferno's Cradle
Master: Dant'e Regias
Guild Master Magic: Smoldering Eruption
Location: Inferno's Cradle is located in an area near Sun village
Member's Magic:
Dante' is an animal Mage like Tobeo
Outfits: Inferno's cradle outfits mostly consist with colors of embers and fire such as orange, yellow and red or orange -red
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Tribal Butterfly Guild
Colors: maroon and cyan
Symbol: elaborate butterfly wings with the center houses a figure of a fairy
Guild Name: Tribal Butterfly
Master: Sora Rosewood
Guild Master Magic: Spiral Burst Tempo
Location: Northern Part of Fiore
Member's magic:
Sora is celestial wizard
Tribal Butterfly is a play on Cait Shelter
Sora is a Freedom loving, Free spirited, Air head with confidence.
And has a gambling problem and isn't really sure on who's in their guild and who's not, they often times gamble their celestial  keys as well as money/funds of the guild and it's members (and the guild itself on rare occasions ) .
Sora has a tendency to push people off of high places and ledges from time time which can be seen as bouts of courage and endurance.
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 1
White Raven Guild
Colors: White
Symbol: Raven with a peace branch
Guild Name: White Raven
Master: Rytte Shade
Guild Master Magic: Typhoon Twister
Location: Western Part of Fiore
Member's magic:
White raven is a play on Red Lizard which had a rivalry with blue skull
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Red Eye Guild
Colors: Crimson Red
Symbol: Bleeding Eye
Guild Name: Red Eye
Master: Osurus Natana
Guild Master Magic: Shutter Bone Impersona
Location: Western Part of Fiore
Member's magic:
Red eye is a play on blue skull which had a rivalry with Red Lizard
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 0
Dragon's Hoarde
Colors: Light red and Dark orange
Symbol: Dragon with a chest
Guild Name: Dragon's Hoard
Master: Drake Meidan
Guild Master Magic: Regional Smite
Location: Mongolia Town
Member's magic:
Drake is a Dragon Slayer
Dragons hoard Is a Reversed Fairytale in it's main attraction as guild members.
Such as Fairytale who should have More celestial wizards but  had more dragon Slayers.
Where as Dragon's horde has more Celestial Wizards when it should have more dragon slayers.
Both heaven's strike & dragons are in Mongolia town
Drake is very energetic and it goes without saying that he is always ready to put up one hell of fight.
He can at times be a bit too competitive but he loves his guild and all the members equally, and is willing to tarnish his own reputation as a guild master if any of his members are in harm's way weather it be politically wise or physically.
He is a very eager and determined individual who looked up to the guilds of his childhood an
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 1
Mawling Canopy Guild
Colors: Brown and Silver
Symbol: Falling Tower
Guild Name: Mawling Canopy
Master: Hector Olive
Guild Master Magic: Percipe Pulse
Location: Era
Member's magic:
Mawling canopy and Alicorn disdain are both located in Era
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 1
Prestissimo Very Very Fast Forward Lyrics
In a sea of memories oh wait that's an upside right emotional rises bulletining into the overhead of vast sky's with no hand tomato to reach hold us all down
The riverside up sitting on top of the church all yelling all my screams are just so normal eyes sightless yet capable of seeing what's really going on can't hear anymore don't speak either not like I want to you're my doll a castle of a playground in illogical recreational reasons all out of air
So here some flames to choke on instead who's giving it all the wars over something small so indifferent don't ever want to be one with the crowd
Find it interluding this hole has stumbled right into my chest where all these colors spill fourth numbering the grammars spelling our secrets out in silence could it get any louder in here?
Motives are movies ringing yogurt two shades of the same trench wages sideways from what they all think never to no crumbling up the stairs leading me there the center is everywhere like a book of nonsense t
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 1 0
RWBY OC Vanilla Fool's Sheet
Name: Vanilla Foolsgold * pronounced Vah-Neil-Ah
Nickname:Vanilla Fool
Weapon:Scythe combined with a Naginata
Weapon Name:Soprano Soul
Aura color:Fuchsia
Semblance: Clairvoyance
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
Outfit deigns: Grey cloak (always wears the hood), white long sleeved shirt,
grey vest, white jeans, grey sneakers
Outfit color:grey
Height:five feet and three inches
Status:Inactive but alive
Birthday: November 22nd
Accessories:Vest and hooded cloak
Skin tone: Pale
Handedness: Right
Relationships:none as of now
Based off of: The little match girl
Debut: Precipice of Disaster* a flash back of a conversation with Ozpin and cryptic speech
Team Name:VENM (Venom)
Team:Vanilla Foolsgold Euguine Plaid Nalani Alloy Marcel Bazaar
Theme: Nightmare's Claw
The rest of team venom has been disbanded
Possibility of becoming the next Fall Maiden
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 0 1
The Dissapearance of Estelle Lark
So, So long Sayonra to the world fare thee well to the people who I once knew
Good bye to those who have hated me, envied me and to the ones who never even noticed me
So bye bye to you all
In a world of corruption and greed and lust powered by the hate and mistrust , of envy and spite of witnesses who who refuse to do what is right, these are things oh so many things that I shall not miss so see ya later no there is no more tomorrows on the horizon anymore that has been and open and shut door
Thanks for nothing , no thanks for the fans here are none they have all gone and moved with a new plan so thanks for the hate and spite yeah right , thanks for nothing thanks for to standing by.
So , So long, adios,au revoir , arrivederci ,sayonara , bye bye, farewell to the people who I never got to know
no point in staying with the staining and no more need for the faking and the staging I'm out , I'm done, I've had enough , I'm through, I'm done with all of you so bye bye ta-ta don't bother to
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 1 1
Bushido Haine Legend
A  samurai warrior who had the magical powers, he had a daughter who had died a a very young age and he sought out those with young and healthy children to make his daughter come back to life, he could use his magic to influence others into believing that his daughter was their own.
He stole the souls of infants and replaced their soul with his daughter's soul and made the families take good care of her, he also used his powers to influence the families into destroying samurai statues and good charms that would keep him away or harm his daughter's new body and he used these families to cut through the photos that they had of their real child.
He would use his magic and make the families offer up the soul of their new born child , by taking the child's soul and placing it into a special bag and then out in the middle of the night with three candles lit in what would be considered a circle bury the bag in hole that was also shaped as a circle, the families that did this under his ma
:iconayumuonenisama:Ayumuonenisama 1 0


Ormond Beach Driftwood No. 3 by BDHenderson Ormond Beach Driftwood No. 3 :iconbdhenderson:BDHenderson 1 0 Cinderella by demonrobber Cinderella :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 21 7 Vincent Van Gogh by demonrobber Vincent Van Gogh :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 21 5 Fire Emblem Heroes - Kana and Morgan Wallpaper by AuroraMaster Fire Emblem Heroes - Kana and Morgan Wallpaper :iconauroramaster:AuroraMaster 55 2 Everything.... by Kamik91 Everything.... :iconkamik91:Kamik91 82 4 Tower by shuangwen Tower :iconshuangwen:shuangwen 283 10 KAZZORI by shuangwen KAZZORI :iconshuangwen:shuangwen 139 3 Just Monika by ArtArtzy Just Monika :iconartartzy:ArtArtzy 41 1 It's raining by PaSt1978 It's raining :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 76 214 FF9: Vivi with a Chocobo by Vidolus FF9: Vivi with a Chocobo :iconvidolus:Vidolus 30 3 Violet by ZephX Violet :iconzephx:ZephX 9 3 Violet Evergarden by ZephX Violet Evergarden :iconzephx:ZephX 9 1 Miku:Showtime! by imDRUNKonTEA Miku:Showtime! :iconimdrunkontea:imDRUNKonTEA 657 50 the weird squad (tm) by xjunchan the weird squad (tm) :iconxjunchan:xjunchan 139 15 [Commission] Airi and Laverna by xjunchan [Commission] Airi and Laverna :iconxjunchan:xjunchan 61 0 Waiting for your call - Yoosung Fan Art by Suri-Mice Waiting for your call - Yoosung Fan Art :iconsuri-mice:Suri-Mice 60 3
Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

Having issues with my laptop again so don't be surprised if i'm not DA for a while.

I'm an otaku and a gamer.

So The Great Gem Imposter, Spinel best known as a ruby doppelgänger; the spinel gem has joined the yellow-green peridot as an official birthstone for the month of August.

For all you Steven universe fans out there who thinks that the Steven U. Crew will add either Tourmaline or Spinel to one of the season's episodes?  Since Morganite was mentioned in a previous episode i think that the same could be said about one or maybe both of these gems.

Faygo Create and submit your flavor ideas!

Faygo Flavor: Ringmaster Raspberry

Taste: a mixture of red and black raspberries

FLAVOR: Miraculous

Taste: like a motherfucking miracle blended with the miraculously Motherfucking rainbow

Flavor : Faygo Sopor

Taste: a unique blend to be sure ,leaves a bland aftertaste though ...

Flavor : Carnival

Ringmaster Raspberry belongs to my sister she is the one who came up with it

also on the real faygo website you CAN SUBMIT Faygo Flavor Ideas, my sister and i have tried to do this with these flavors but we weren't able to due to the  computer 

also it wouldn't let me put this in gamzee's typing quirk which i have grown decent and use in most of my notes HoNk :0) i don't
 have to look at the keyboard anymore to type like him yay!

and on a Homestuck note all the trolls such as kankri and karkat share the same aspect as to where the classes are different so i thought and i Know that it's NOT Cannon i'm just taking wild guesses here what if, IF the singless and the others were given a class and aspect and what would they be? Good question yes no? any who i tried my hand at well trying to pin them down and i would like to know what you guys think each of the homestuck people had too here's what i guessed:

Homestuck Original Ancestors

Singless – Heir of Blood

Grand Highblood- Lord of Rage

Her Imperial Condescension- Witch of Life

Dispicle- Sylph of Heart

Dolorosa- Seer of Space

Psiiconic- Maid of Doom

Summoner-Knight of Breath

MindFang- Mage of Light

Orphener Duelscar- Rouge of Hope (?)

Handmaid- Thief of Time

Redglare- Page of Mind

Darkleer- Rouge of Void


Kankri- Seer of Blood

Latula- Knight of Mind

Kurloz- Prince of Rage

Meulin- Mage of Heart

Horus- Page of Void

Mituna- Heir of Doom

Porrim- Maid of Space

Meenah- Thief of Life

Ariania- Sylph of Light

Cronus- Bard of Hope

Rufioh- Rouge of Breath

Damara- Witch of Time


Karkat- Knight of Blood

Terzei- Seer of Mind

Gamzee- Bard of Rage

Aradia- Maid of Time

Equisis- Heir of Void

Feferi- Witch of Life

Eridan- Prince of Hope

Vrishaka- Thief of Light

Nepheta- Rouge of Heart

Kanaya- Sylph of Space

Sollux- Mage of Doom

Tavros- Page of Breath


Singless-Kankri-Karkat = Blood Players

Summoner-Rufioh-Tavros = Breath Players

Handmaid-Damara-Aradia = Time Players

Helmsman-Mituna-Sollux = Doom Players

Discple-Meulin-Nepheta = Heart Players

Dolorosa-Porrim-Kanaya = Space Players

Neophite Redglare -Latula-Terzei = Mind Players

Marquise Spinneret MindFang- Ariania-Vrisska = Light Players

Exucutioner Darkleer-Horus-Equisis = Void Players

The Grand High Blood-Kurloz-Gamzee = Rage Players

Orphener DuelScar- Cronus-Eridan = Hope Players

Her Imperial Condession-Meenah-feferi = Life Players

Dirk Strider- Dave Strider

Jake English-John Egbert

Jane Crooker- Jade Harely

Roxy Lalaude- Rose Lalaude

Dirk- Heart Player Class Prince

Dave -Time Player Class Knight

Jake-Hope Player Class Page

John – Breath Player Class Heir

Jane – Life Player Class Maid

Jade – Space Player Class Witch

Roxy – Void Player Class Rouge

Rose- Light Player Class Seer

Lord English- Doc Scratch- Caliborne -Lord of Time

Calliope-Muse of Space

Andrew Hussie- Cosplay Space Player Maid or Heir ( Class: Master Troll )

the one for the huss being a master troll i think we can all agree on that being canon but yeah  when it came to the grand and the others i just guessed Karkat and Kanrki are in fact Cannon when it comes to their session's class and aspect that is something that i know but like i said i was taking a jab at the Singless and the Grand and all of those guys and as said before it was a huge guess on my part and yes i am fully aware that they didn't have classes and aspects way back then i just did it for fun, but hey if you think any of these guesses are wrong and wanna try your hand at for fun and stuff i'd love to know your suggestion on the matter like what do you think their class and aspect would be? as for the cannon part i stuck with the trolls all having the same aspect because it is cannon with terzeri and latula both having the mind aspect and karat and karkri having the blood aspect as to which their classes are reversed such as latula was a knight and kanri was a seer but karkat was a knight and terezi was the seer

Okay so I'm re-posting some of my old stuff because i didn't ave a folder at the ready to mark what had been posted and what hadn't  but i am also posting new stuff too . and for some reason either my computer (or CPU for short )  or Copy and Paste  or DA  in general keeps messing up my writing.  What I mean by that is that my spaces keep getting deleted and my spelling keeps getting replaced or completely distorted and messed with along with grammar and punctuations this also happens when I'm sending a note to someone who i am working with for a story or some kind or Role-play .  And truth be told it is more than a little annoying. For instance i spend hours when it comes to writing when i am able to write in peace and i don't want to have to re-write everything down after an hour or several hours onto stash that's why i use copy and paste maybe it's just me that is having these issues like i said it could be my CPU that's the problem or it could be Copy and Paste in general that's the problem i don't really know but it does get under my skin a bit. My CPU was given to me by a friend because i don't have the money to get a new one hell i don't have the money for a lot of things like a Pokemon pack of deck cards up at Walmart where i live  . I Don't Know i just don't. Also i can not write scary  stories or anything remotely scary for the life of me i can Tell Scary things but i can't write them It's too complex for me i guess in some sort of weird way. Also i don't have like a thingy that lets you post drawings and stuff on here so there is that too. So all of my stuff will more than likely be writing. i fail as an artist but that just means there's room to improve which is good.  I am also a huge nerd when it comes to anime.

Role plays that have been finished :


Tenchi Myo

Blood plus

Mortal Instruments

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball Z


Madoka Magica


Roleplays that are still going on:

Full metal Alchemist




Soul Eater

Zatch bell

Ever After High

Xioalin Showdown

Trinity blood



Kingdom Hearts

Monster High

Final Fantasy ( 7 , 10 )


MeruPuri Marchen Prince


Kodacha: Sana's Stage

Fruits Basket


Immortal Rain


Desert Coral

Wolf's Rain

Vampire Knight

Death Note



Sword Art Online


(So Far)


Kiss X sis

Koi Kaze


Seikon noQwaser

yosuga no sora



kodomo no jikan


Boku no piko


tensou tenge

Shattered angel

Love Hina


Divergence eve

green green

School days

Mars of destruction

Skelter heaven


tokoyo mew mew

Cat planet cutties


Stray cats overrun

Hyper police

Omamori Himari

Nyan koi

excel saga

dead leaves


Kill la Kill



Sleeping with hinako

midori mo hiba


dead man wonderland

Jigoku Shouho aka hell girl

kara no kyoukai

Miria Nikii aka furtue dairy


Elfen lied


cassren sins-luna

yuushibu=airi altinate

Zero ~ Varsity Fanclub


Steven universe

My little pony

Sailor moon

(plus form both the roleplays)

Video Games ( again so far) :

The Legend of Zelda (both old and new)

Spyro ( both the old ones and the new ones)

Pokemon (both old and new)


Fire Emblem: Awakening, birthright (waiting for conquest and echoes)

Final Fantasy (pretyy much all of them cause they are amazing games)

World Ends with you

Kingdom hearts (almost gott'em all lol)

Mario 64

Rayman 2 the great escape

Rachet and clank 1 and 2

Gemni (old Nintendo 64 game)

Banjo and kazooe

Bravely Default (you just knew that it was gonna be here XD  )

Torak 2 :seeds of evil

Ape Escape 1, 3

Jak and Daxter ( almost all)

(dear  gog i have played so many games that i can't really recall of of their names, butt they were worth it)


United States


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