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Passionate Hands 02: This pain

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© 2006 - 2020 AyumiNemoto
Piece #02
Title: This Pain
Date of Creation: February 2006
Material Used: Photoshop 7.0 & Digital Camera
Type: Vector Art
Creator & TOS: Ayumi Nemoto JL - Do not use, reproduce, alter, upload, claim & distribute without my permission
Inspiration: Family problems + the person who pissed me off

About the Piece:
OMG I'm alived! *gasps for air* Anyways, the next ("arm") installment (sorta XD) for "Set yourself Free..."! This time it's something more dark and angsty (is that the word oO?). The wallpaper/artwork was start and designed on the the day I got REALLY pissed off at a certain someone *evil glares at "them"* So I decided to express how I felt that day in artform thus the struggling with my digicam -_-||| I must be getting old cause my hands wouldn't stop shaking.

Info: This wallpaper is about those people who suicide because of depression, stress, problems, blah, blah, blah. You get the idea. Basically, I wanted to express in words the story of the lighter skinned person (I shall assume it's a girl XD *is pathetic*) of how she just couldn't take life and it's cruelty anymore and to solve her problems therefore she suicided (DON'T DO THIS! Bad! Bad! Bad!). She describes her pain in how it's un-describable and there are no words for her feeling. The girl is falling and disappears (from the world of the living) where the stars/lifeforce (Think life stream from FF7 XD) leaves her and scatters. The feathers that are floating (is this the word oO?) away from her as she is falling as a hand (the darker one which I shall also assume it's a male XD) is suppose to symbolize that she was an angel to someone. She was someone important to this person as well as showing how that in her lifetime she was possibly victimized in situations and was taken the blame on. The large feather in the middle is that help and comfort that others tried to give her but only ended up in vien :( The person/male is trying to save her but it was already too late and now, out of reach (aw... the nice lady died :( ). So thus, when a person suicides he/she may have set him/herself froo from the pain he/she have endured over the years but is it worth it when their pain only causes even more pain and sorrow for others around them? Was it worth leaving when they could of had a bright future ahead of them? I hope this wall was able to capture that sorrow, regret and understanding for both sides (the suicider and the ones who cared about them).

Time: 1 week (angsting for a long time is hard work for me o.o;;)
Images: photographed by me (of my arms again), vectored and rendered by me (omg I did it from scratch o.o;; *dies of happiness of improving*)
Special thanks and dedication goes to: FMKaiba (Thank you for being there in my time of "suicidal period"), Frank and my wonderful art teacher (who drilled into my head that simple CAN be a good thing XD) Mrs. Middleton. This artwork is dedicated to you guys~! ^^

Please enjoy and critique! I still think it's too plain >.< but teacher literally drilled through my head that it was fine the way it is. Fonts were the best I have that suited this composition. *is wondering where her newly downloaded 20+ fonts went* oO?

Can also be found at: Minitokyo.net, DeviantArt.com & Clyne Faction

Find out more about the series at Passionate Hands @ Clyne Faction[dot]net
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wow..thats all i can say :heart: :love:
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:O ZOMG!! this is wonderful!!
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thank you. I'm glad you like. ^^
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beautifully wonderful