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gift for schnolf : tanidareal on da

again, i did this in corel painter. and again i do not know where to start in explain.

for a very long time i have want to create a piece of art for tani, but i have not felt comfortable enough skill in media i have to do. but, with painter i have learn i have the ability to mix media that would never be mixed in traditional.
there are 57 diffrent layer in this piece. three are backup layer (fur_light, fur_dark, and spots) so that if i did need to i could return to base colour. rest are group by major location, such as not only above three original, but nose, eyes, mouth, glasses_frame, glasses lens, and continue.
painter is design to mimic traditional media, and i will explain as if was.
* inking was use a very thin #2hb very dark grey pencil. i did want the lines to be visible, but not cartoony. also, use of dark grey did allow to show through black of her spots/markings.
* base colour (fur and dress) was acrylic paint, camel hair brush.
* fur texture was combination of acrylic dry brush and chalk. yes, chalk. it gave a very nice texture.
* inside of her ears also did use a fan brush with oil.
* nose is acrylic paint.
* mouth is also acrylic, very water down acrylic with multiple pass.
* eyes are still acrylic. with some very light airbrush.
* dress is airbrush with some acrylic highlight.
* sunglasses were fun to do. more acrylic, but lenses are watercolour with liquid ink highlights.
* scarf is acrylic base with both a wash and dry brush to texture/shadow.
the background was done in steps.
- i did map out base colours with oil paint and a very messy brush. all i did want was basic colour with no real definition. for depth of field effect.
- after that i did spread oil more to make sure did meet colour to colour.
- i airbrush, set for wide flow, to blend. and create texture in sand. also to do beach, blues of water, and white of water.
- sky : i did not use a gradient tool. i did consider, but did choice use airbrush over oil. oil i did use a very messy wide brush, and it was definite seams of colour, but with airbrush it did blend very well.
- then was clouds. airbrush again. original i had too much brown/orange in the clouds. kacey did notice and i did airbrush in more blue.
- land in distance is airbrush.

of course signature is my name, using my hanko.

this, like previous two, is what i call a detailed icon. they are more expensive than normal icons because they are design to be detailed enough to work both at 500x500 and 100x100. i will be doing regular icons next.
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Looks excellent :la: