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emily visits downtown

By Ayukawataur
commission for yellow07 on fur affinity


media is micron pen, tria marker, prismacolour marker, copic marker, prismacolour pencil, and golden fluid acrylic paint.

a change i made from the original idea is to make the viewer arm/hand to be in colour and not a deep grey. this was made possible by acrylic paint being used to create the effect of the sun seen through the fingers.
thank you kacey for doing that for me.

buildings are all various shade of warm grey or french grey.
debris cloud is warm grey only. emily is cool greys.
sky is created with a non-photographic blue prismacolour pencil.

creating this angle was not easy, but it was fun. to do it i followed a very odd process.
i used photo-refrence for the building layout. that was sketch on bristol first. i then use separate piece of printer paper and did sketch out emily. when i was satisfied with her, i transferred her to the bristol. same with the viewer hand. this was so i did not need to erase and re-draw sections of architecture.

i am happy that the commissioner did not ask for any thing adult a i would not have had chance to do this piece. i did enjoy make it.
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