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Window of Opportunity
Summary: It’s such a wonderful opportunity that Kakashi couldn’t possibly miss it. Too bad the people around him are fixated on blocking him.
AN: Prizefic with an image prompt (in the description) for Mangareaderrad. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the delightful prompt!

The muck under the windowsill was nothing new. The break room had been boarded off to keep inquisitive pre-genin out, but the rest of the village all vaulted in through the window to take advantage of the blissful sun and silence. It was the sheer amount that took Kakashi by surprise. Even though no one really wiped their feet, only a few people were inconsiderate enough to not mop off the worst of the blood and grime.
Kakashi caught the edge of the window deftly and twisted over the goopy pile to land, safely and silently, on the far side. He frowned down at the mess, still wondering who was responsible, when a sleepy, grumbling mutter dragged his attention around.
Sprawled across one
:iconaythli:Aythli 11 3
Generation Xerox
(formerly Morgainedeshone)
Summary: No one ever accused Kakashi of being a hopeless romantic.
AN: Written for Seigyoku-wolf for the Pick-A-Number game at the Kakairu group. Her prompt was "Generation Xerox." Definitely a fun trope that I hadn't heard of before, and I enjoyed thoroughly writing it. Hope this fits with what you were looking for and sorry it took me so long to finish it! Beta'd by the wonderful Kiterie.

The dawn light cast soft shadows across the worn stone stairs around the Hokage tower. From above, voices filtered down punctuated by a few bursts of laughter. He glanced up, identifying the voices out of habit, and he smiled broadly when a third voice chimed in, light and teasing. If he sped up a little, well, no one was around to notice.
Iruka turned the corner, spotted him, and called out, “Good morning, Kakashi-sensei.”
“Morning, Iruka-sensei.” He stumbled for a moment, searching for something else to say so that this wouldn
:iconaythli:Aythli 18 3
Sound of Madness
(formerly Morgainedeshone)
Summary: Iruka kept hearing things in his new apartment, but he chalked it up to gravity and random air currents. He didn’t expect to be saddled with a postmortem roommate.
Rating: T
AN: Written for the Kakairu Pick-A-Number game for #20 prompt: "The Sound of madness" from MoiyaHatake. I hope you like it!! Thanks to Kiterie for beta-ing.

Paper. The soft rustlings of paper on paper dragged him up and out of a dreamless slumber. Iruka made a half-hearted grab for the stack of exams and managed to knock half of them off the edge of the table. Each exam was thick, much to his student’s – and his own, once he’d started to grade them – dismay, and the raucous noise of those hitting the floor was significantly different than what woke him. He lifted his head blearily from where it had been nestled in the crook of his arm between the partially graded stacks of papers.
As he sat up, the sound of paper te
:iconaythli:Aythli 18 22
Mature content
If These Walls Could Talk :iconaythli:Aythli 4 11
Mature content
A Criminal of Me, Part 2/2 :iconaythli:Aythli 7 2
Mature content
A Criminal of Me, Part 1/2 :iconaythli:Aythli 8 0
Summary: Something as simple as a play-on-words can provide the best description.
Pairing: Implied Destiel
Rating: T (for language)
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
AN: Yes, this is in fact what CAS stands for. I put the two together and realized it was just perfect. Also, I apologize that this isn't an update to any of the other things I should be working on. Beta'd by the lovely Kiterie.

Surrounded, pinned down, and altogether screwed. What a way to start the day. Sam dove behind the nearest stack of crates and scrambled across the floor to slam up against the wall next to Dean.
"No good?"
Only a couple of minutes ago, they'd clattered down the rickety stairs with the entire seethe breathing down the back of their necks. Sam had made a dash for the door only to scramble backwards at the sight of shadows looming over the walls of the corridor beyond. He shook his head.
"Damn." Dean twisted, looking over at the only other exit. "M
:iconaythli:Aythli 4 3
I Should Have Kissed You
Summary: After being begged and bribed, Kakashi and Iruka take one night off from their friendship to try a real-honest-to-god date. Neither of them expect it to be anything but a disaster.
Pairing: Kakairu
Rating: T
AN: Oh my word, this has been the most stressful 6 or 7 months I've ever had and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. I've been working on LM2 and a couple of other pieces if I get a chance, but this idea popped into my head, and it felt good to write a quick one-shot. It's crap and it's inspired by country music, forgive me. Thanks so much to Kiterie for betaing!

Give it one night, Anko had said. It's not going to kill you, she'd said. Staring down at the indeterminable gelatinous mass that took up the better portion of his plate, Iruka was inclined to disagree. He set his fork down to one side and swallowed the natural question of what exactly he was eating. Out of the corner of his eye, the bulk oozed slowly towards the edge of h
:iconaythli:Aythli 22 27
BBC Sherlock
Summary: Experiments almost never go as planned.
Rating: T
"Alright, alright!" John shouted over the incessant pinging of his phone. How Sherlock had managed to set it to get louder with every ignored text, he would never know, but he fully intended to re-label Sherlock's test tubes the next chance he got.
Scratch that. Bad idea. Who knew what Sherlock might accidentally put in his food.
While wrestling with a loaded grocery bag and uncooperative keys in his right hand, John dug into his pocket, trying to extricate the obnoxious phone. "I'm here! I'm right here." He awkwardly punched a couple of letters, more to stifle the ringing than in any hope that Sherlock would be able to deduce any meaning from them.
The door swung open under the strategically applied pressure of his foot. "Alright, I'm here! Now what's so bloody important?" John snapped up the hall, hoping that Mrs. Hudson was out. She just hated it when they yelled in the flat.
:iconaythli:Aythli 9 20
Lost in Translation - Chapter 5 - END
He flexed his hand. The cuts along the knuckles still hurt, but that would fade, and as long as he could readily use his fingers, he wasn't worried. Any arm that Sari made would be rudimentary at best, so he would still need to have full control of the bike's switches with his right hand.
When he swung the door open, Fai was tugging the curtain that separated the room back into place. He turned around with a vaguely guilty look on his face.
"How are you feeling?"
A slight tremble in Fai's legs betrayed him even though he smiled and said, "Better. I didn't expect you to come back so soon, Kuro-tan."
Is that why you were fixing the curtain to make it look like you were still here? Kurogane thought about asking it, thought better of it, and crossed to his bed. "They want to keep me here in case there are any problems."
Faint relief shone in the back of Fai's eyes. "So, Piffle next?"
"Hn," Kurogane grunted in agreement.
An uncomfortable silence fell between them. Kurogane wo
:iconaythli:Aythli 5 25
Sesquipedalian by Aythli Sesquipedalian :iconaythli:Aythli 5 3 Eccentricity by Aythli Eccentricity :iconaythli:Aythli 4 2 Vocabulary.... by Aythli Vocabulary.... :iconaythli:Aythli 17 7 Of Ninjas and Mesh Shirts by Aythli Of Ninjas and Mesh Shirts :iconaythli:Aythli 33 22
On Closer Inspection
BBC Sherlock
Summary: Sherlock had never been good at sharing.
Rating: T
AN: Written a couple days ago for Lenap's birthday. She's an absolutely wonderful person, and I love her and her artwork so much. This doesn't do nearly enough to pay her back for all the wonderful comments and smiles she's given me through the last few years. Happy birthday, dear! I hope it's fantastic!

Lestrade pinched his brows, hoping that the pressure might forestall the pain creeping up the back of his neck. Had it not been for the lack of breathing and the decidedly grayish hue of the exposed bits of skin, he would have been sure that the woman was just sleeping. He had, however, seen enough corpses to recognize the unnatural sprawl of limbs that living bodies just couldn't seem to imitate.
Besides the fact that she was dead, nothing seemed to be wrong with the woman. Any other time and he would have said it was due to natural causes, processed the scene and let the morgue sort out the rest. Any othe
:iconaythli:Aythli 7 17
As Usual
BBC Sherlock
Summary: Life with Sherlock was far from ordinary, so John should have been prepared to have anything but a relaxing holiday season. Strange thing was, this kind of madness was becoming almost normal to him.
Rating: T

"Too good to be true. I knew it was too good to be true!"
He never expected to see Sherlock quite this mad at his brother. He'd also never expected Mycroft to go to quite such lengths to force Sherlock to take the holidays off - tempting him with promises of an unsolvable murder was really low. The only problem was that he was now stuck in a enclosed space with Sherlock. A loud crash reverberated through the house. He didn't even have to turn around to know that the rocking chair had succumbed to the same fate as all of the obligatory misty photos of the lochs.
The furniture could take much more abuse, but the cabs weren't coming. Sherlock had already tried calling them. Twice.
"Look, Sherlock." John rubbed his fingers over the bridge of his nose, stau
:iconaythli:Aythli 9 16

Random Favourites

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That's right - I've finally ditched the long, ridiculousness that I've had for the last forever! Enjoy the new one; I know I will. Now if I can make myself a fitting avatar, I'll be set.

Also, I'd like to apologize for being a ghost for the last year. This has been one of the longest (and shortest) years of my life and it's still continuing on through the new year. Hopefully things will settle down by the end of the spring, because I do have a ridiculous number of really long, complicated ideas for just about every fandom I've ever written for, and I'd really like the chance to get them down (not going to happen any time soon). On top of that, I'm building an original that I am going to write if it kills me, so here's hoping for some free time!

Along with the new name, I gave in and got myself a tumblr (Aythli) which is woefully bare at the moment, so help me fill it! In the spirit of ficlets on tumblr, comment with any requests/prompts you'd like to see. I really need to sit down and write for at least an hour a night or I will lose my mind, and if I'm going to be writing, I'd love to write something for the fandom.

Any fandom I've written is fair game (as well as some others in the list): Naruto, TRC, Sherlock, Supernatural, Grimm, Dr. Who, Teen Wolf, Pandora Hearts, xxxHolic, Legal Drug...actually, you name it, I've probably seen it and will take a hack at it.

Last but not least, how are people doing? We all survived the Mayan apocalypse and are looking at the new year. Any outrageous resolutions?



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A scientist by trade, but I'm very much a dabbler. I focus mainly on writing and tend to try my hand at anything else that comes to mind. Sunlight through Leaves
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Hey, I have recently discovered you stories, and I thing you are an amazing writer. Especially you book Touchstone. The other one confused me a little bit and seemed to jump around a lot but was still really good. [link] O really hope you write more :)
Darkipzen Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey MorgainedeShone! :D

How have you been lately? I bet you've been busy with that school you said you manage to go to and I really hope things are working out for you!

Since I am a fan of yours I wonder how it's going with the stories your writing?
I don't want to sound like.. I am pushing or something. I just love the way you write and it have been some time now.
So basically I actually just wanted to see that everything is good.

Do not stress to much! It's bad for you! And take care of you! ^^
Aythli Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Heeeeey! Thank you so much for this message - it put the biggest smile on my face. :hug: You're such a sweetheart, thank you!!

I have been absolutely swamped with school stuff and still have quite a bit to go before I'm even remotely free again, but I am writing a bit still whenever I can get a chance. I'm working on the next chapter of LM2 and a follow-on to Lost in Translation, as well as a couple of (gasp) Supernatural fics (cause I don't have enough fandoms anyway, why not add a few more :D). No worries about pushing - I think I need the nudge to remember that there actually are people out there who enjoy my stuff. :cuddle:

Things are going well, just massively busy (and I'm trying not to stress...I'm not really successful at it, but I try). Hope all is going well for you too!
Darkipzen Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Aw.. Yay! I am so happy to hear that I actually put a smile on your face! :hug: Oh no need to thank mw, I just appreciate a good author! ^^

I can imagine that you've had alot to do! You seemed so happy when you made it and all. I kinda could have guessed you had more things to do before you can be more focused on the stories! So maybe soon a new chapter for LM2? Awesome! :D
And did I just read Supernatural!? Supernatural!? :noes: Oh I so do think you should try that! With your abilities to adjust to how character is then wow.. I would look more then forward to read those! (I'm a supernatural fan, if you can't notice my super excitement! xD)
Well ofcourse you have people who enjoy your stuff! :D I think more should say that they love it! :cuddle:

Good that things are going well and I'm also glad to hear that you try not to stress too much! I know it's hard but keep up the great work and remember to take good care of you!
I am doing more then well so no worries! :D
Aythli Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:cuddle: I definitely need to thank you! You took time out of your day to write something ^^

Yeah, it's the story of any graduate student - too much to do and not enough time. I'm definitely excited about this and what comes next, so I'm working as hard as I possibly can. :D Maybe a new chapter soon (I've got ~6-8 pages written for it, but have a bunch more plot to write up before I can finish it).

Yes, yes you did :D I only started watching it this year and just absolutely adore it, the characters, everything. Awww, thank you, dear. I've been foisting the bits and scraps that I've written off on *KiterieAine for evaluation to make sure they're not to OOC, so hopefully it'll all work out.

:) I'm trying to take a break every now and then, so I don't completely burn out.

Glad to hear it!
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