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  • Simple background - free.
  • More complicated background will cost additional charges depending on difficulty. 
I do draw: fanart, OC, mild violence, woman nudity, couples, concepts, fantastic creatures, illustrations.
I do not draw: men nudity, offensive content, extremely violence and vulgarity, monsters.

I accept PayPal payment to my e-mail -
Half of payment goes after You approve sketch, another half - after work is finished. You will get hight resolution file after all payments are done.

Other information:
  • I DO send the originals of traditional arts. Shipping requires Your real adress (with name and surname) and 4-10$ depending on size. 
  • After i send you work we will have a tracking number so it is possible to check were package is. 
  • Prices are for personal, non commercial use only. 
  • I reserve the rights to use images in my portfolio and websites.
  • If You would like to request a commission, You can send me a note or contact me through e-mail ( of skype (bagira.fujimia)

Feel free to ask any question! 
Hey, ppl! First of all hi! I’m glad if you are reading me. The second one - do you know that my friends and me created an art studio!!! It’s awesome! Really! It means that we are planing to create our own comics. We already have three concepts! So we want draw it and to print it! We wish to bring them into the world. We want people to read them. But, as you know, if you want to create something you need some money. That's why i want to offer you to order me some arts? I can draw everything you want (mostly) + if you want to have a pencil art, no problem! As a present you will get photo of this art+digital line for colored it by yourself, and actually the real art will sent to you! ^^ I will be really happy for some orders and reposts!) Love ya!
So it's my first journal post here) So! Actually i'm thinking about make few arts in two different ways. I will take one line and colored it in digital and traditional art. It's kinda of little project to feel the differents between old and new art ways. If anyone want to join me in this project, pls be my guests!)