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W.D. Gaster

"Entry nunber seventeen
dark darker yet darker
the darkness keep growing
the shadows cutting deeper
photons readings negative
this next experiment

what do you two think?"

well, fanart of one of my favorite characters
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Could I use this in a YT vid if I credit you?

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go ahead pal

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THIS GUY! So mysterious and cool!
ChiseledDiamondGTB's avatar…

not sure if you know but pretty sure this guy isnt you
selling your artwork whitout your permission
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Seems like this is yours:

These guys don't want to stop doing this.

Anyways, awesome work of you right here!
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Amazing! <3 Love it! This is my wallpaper for my phone!
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It has come to my attention that someone is stealing a bunch of undertale art and profiting off of it on Redbubble. Through thousands of Tineye searches I was able to find you so I can bring your attention to it. They have stolen this wonderful piece and are currently trying to sell it on Redbubble.…
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This is litterly my home screen on my phone! 
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Very interesting.
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✋ ☹⚐✞☜ ❄☟✋💧 🏱✋👍❄🕆☼☜📪 ✋❄ ✋💧 ☼☜✌☹☹✡ ✌💣✌☪✋☠☝ ☟⚐🕈 ❄☟☜ 👍✌🏱☜ ✋💧 ☜✞⚐☹✞✋☠☝ ✋☠❄⚐ ❄☟☜ 👍⚐☼☜ ⚐☼ ❄☟☜ 💧🏱✌👍☜📪 ☟⚐🕈 ☝✌💧❄☜☼ ✋❄💧☜☹☞ 💧☜☜💣💧 ☹✋😐☜ ☟☜🕯💧 ✌ 🏱✌☼❄ ⚐☞ ❄☟☜ 👍⚐☼☜✏ ☼☜✌☹☹✡ ✌💣✌☪✋☠☝📬
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I love how the void is under his cape
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This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm completely flabber'gaster'ed by your art skills
I've been wanting to do some Minecraft pixel art and was wondering if I could use this! ^-^
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❄☟☜✡ 👍✌☹☹ ☝✌💧❄☜☼ 🕯❄☟☜ 💣✌☠ 🕈☟⚐ 💧🏱☜✌😐💧 ✋☠ ☟✌☠👎💧🕯📬📬📬✋ 🕈⚐☠👎☜☼ ✋☞ ❄☟✌❄ 💣☜✌☠💧 ❄☟✌❄ ☟☜ 💧🏱☜✌😐💧 ✋☠ 💧✋☝☠ ☹✌☠☝🕆✌☝☜📪 👌☜👍✌🕆💧☜ 💣⚐💧❄ 🏱☜⚐🏱☹☜ 👍✌☠🕯❄ 💧🏱☜✌😐 ✋☠ 🕈✋☠☝👎✋☠☝💧📬
 🕿❄☼✌☠💧☹✌❄✋⚐☠ ❄⚐⚐☹ ☟☜☼☜📬✆
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Would it be ok if I used this to make an errortale gaster if I game credit?
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It's amazing that people have become so attatched to this guy even though he isn't properly in the game and we have no official design for him.
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:bulletblue: This is really pretty. I love the colors! :la: :bulletblue:
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It's.... beautiful! Those special effects oh my.
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Who is this character? I've seen the Pacifist, True End and Genocide Routes but I've never heard or seen this person..
Ayraa's avatar
well, he is a mysterious hidden (or deleted, we do not know if Fox purposely left he in the files of the game) character,
if you "hack" the game files, you will find he in a hidden room in waterfall, I think
I am not an expert aheuahe
but with this u can find several clues about his history, and other things
and so the fandom has been doing theories about this misterious scientist
Romacat's avatar
Ah I see. Thank you very much for telling me.
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He is W. D. Gaster (if it isnt obvious enough already), the royal scientist before Alphys and the one who made the core. Died from "falling into his creation" (Many say its the core but its not said anywhere that it was the core), What i heard is that he was meant to be an "explanation to everything" character but was scrapped thinking it would not fit with the game, Personally i say hes my favorite game character ever, and a recent patch changed abc_123_a.ogg to something being said with Gaster's dialogue sounds (The only character with more than one dialogue sound), Also latest patch made it so the grey door room can be seen without the fun value
Romacat's avatar
Thanks for telling me. He really does seem like a very interesting character.
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