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Name/Username: Theo/ayounghare
Rank: B
Free Leaf Sticker by floramisa1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa 2016 April MoTM by floramisa Turkey Run 2015 Participant by floramisa2016 Rion Springs Tourist by floramisa2016 Ocean Wars Sailor by floramisa Digital Artist - Tablet by floramisa 
Digital Artist - Mouse by floramisa  Penny Pincher by floramisa  2016 Infestation Participant by floramisa 2018 Into the Catacombs Participant by floramisa  Happy 3!!! Birthday Cake by floramisa  2018 Fundraiser - Let Your Voice Be Heard by floramisa

Mothcats Owned: #17 Io, #136 Moshe, #387 Salem

Subspecies Owned: Inlé the bumblebun #35, Ezra the flowerbun #21,
Richter "Richt" the flowerbun #31

Bank Balance:
| 2  Copper Flower Token by Mothkitten | 8  SFT by exdog | 2  GFT by exdog |

6 Copper Doubloon by floramisa | 3 Silver Doubloon by floramisa
x1 Baby's breath flower crown
x1 Brown String
x1 Clothing Slot
x1 Conch Shell
x1 Copper Ore
x1 Crab Apple
x1 Dyed Rock
x1 Flowerbun Seed
x1 Green Apple
x1 Honey Stick
x1 Inn Token
x1 Leaf Watering Can
x1 Medium Bag of Seeds
x1 Obsidian Rock
x1 One Seed
x1 Pile of Bones
x1 Purified Tank Bug
x1 Red Betta Fish
x1 Sand Dollar
x1 Squirrel
x1 Stack of Index Cards
x1 Stick
x1 String Light
x1 Tissues
x1 Vampire Rat
x1 White Thread
x2 Bridgekeeper's Cloak
x3 Pot
x4 Honey Drops

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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