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metro7 green

Blue Version [link]

Read carefully
New metro style for windows 7 inspired from this design [link] by *Conner-Monsees


:bulletgreen: Theme :bulletgreen: Font :bulletgreen: Start orb :bulletgreen: Explorer Frames


:bulletred: Download and install the universal theme patcher [link]
:bulletred: Extract content (THEME) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
It is recommended to install the included Font
:bulletred: Double-click on the ".theme" file "
:bulletred: Restart your Computer To get the full new interface (Recommended)

To add some shadows to the taskbar use this tool by ~sweatyfish [link]

:bulletred:Wallpaper : found on the NET and edited by me Special thanks to the original author (Credit back to him)
:bulletred:Icons Devine Black [link]

DLL Compatible only for x86 OS , instructions are written in the readme txt files

Download link must be from this page

Don't put any bad comments ,keep this place clean and show some respect to this work
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does it come in black?
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I know this is really old, but can you do one for x64? It would be so awesome!
hwsttshc's avatar
no news for top taskbar?
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Many Thanks.
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Ain't looking how it should :/ I know about replacing the back and forward buttons but i have x64 windows so i have to do it manualy but it won't change the fack that the aero windows are... transparent !? O.o they should be white like on the screen but just look how they look :/


any fix?
SoNiC4000's avatar
PLEASE answer, I want to use this theme D: !
Someone please mod this for 64bit
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hey dude, my pc restared after i installed those UX theme patcher, why?
3m2vinatohr04's avatar
It's normal. Restarting will reload the patched dlls
is it possible with all explorer black and blue?
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nice work good job :thumbsup:
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can i use this in my skin pack
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is there going to be a 64bit version of this i like it alot. i hope so :D
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sorry but i can't i hve only w7 32bits
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It works for Windows Developer Preview?
aymenGH99's avatar
The-R-Project's avatar
Can anybody port this to x64? Please?
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i can not release the x64 version , i hve w7 x32.
The-R-Project's avatar
that makes me so sad. :( i'm running on x64. i just wish somebody would port it though
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I Like it
Sand-And-Mercury's avatar
Microsoft, please hire this guy.
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