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Some AP for Nalini and Xingu

I have been so annoyed for a while now that their AP count totals end in .5's and I'm finally gonna fix that with this >:]

Art/Nalini/Xingu © Aymea
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noctae-corvus's avatar
They look so poofy aa ;u;
I love the front view Nalini!
ALso I know the feel with the .5's ahah....
Aymea's avatar
Thank you!!
Birds/raptors from the front are hilarious and cute at the same time tbh haha

they really shouldn't but they! irk! me! so! damn! much! 
the best solution is a head shot with no shading though when you have those annoying .5's
noctae-corvus's avatar
Np ;v;
Omfg ikr- "Ah yes, the eagle, such a majestic creature- *looks at it from the front* woah ok what happened who left this muppet here??"

Ghh yes...