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Time to come out of hibernation. I have fallen in love with all things crochet... so much so I need to sell yarn to buy yarn... so it is time to list those items I have permission by the designers to sell!!! I am photographing them this week to post on my Etsy store, Facebook and here! So check back OFTEN!!! 
Or where Lisa gets introspective and feels the need to share. You can read my blog entry by the same title HERE...

We are settling into Minnesota and I PROMISE some long awaited updates! I have been crocheting up a storm and will have some to share as well as hoping to revamp the Facebook page for my owls and get some up for sale again! Please bear with me :)

And... a long awaited update! Well, I am officially a Canadian in a foreign land! We have been transplanted to Minnesota to start putting ourselves on our feet again! So enjoy the NEW locations for pictures!!! And some catch up with some of the old... pictures will start getting up here over the next couple days and weeks and I hope to start thanking you all personally for you favourites, comments and support !!! So check back often!!
A lovely combination of broken van and broken rental... our move got stalled and we are at a friends' hopefully to move into the rental May 1st... find a van this week... for those interested, Echo is doing WONDERFULLY! Her surgery was a total success and we go in on the 25th to have tests done to track it. Life may not be SIMPLE but it is GOOD!
Goes in for heart surgery (minor) to correct a PDA... I would love for everyone to say a prayer, keep a happy thought, fingers crossed, etc... we head into the city today for the pre op appointment and the actual surgery is Wednesday the 21st. Thank you everyone!
So in the spirit of over crafting (if there really IS such a thing) I have decided to put some of my sweet little creations up for sale. After all I do NOT need 8 matching little owls... cute as they are... sooooo if you are interested I have made a Facebook page… called It's A Hoot... they are 10.00 Cdn PLUS shipping... it is a what you see is what you can choose from sort of thing... and I hope to have some more owls to add to the parliament shortly... busy fingers keep me happy after all!

As always I have my site up with my patterns - for sale and for free download...… and am always up for a commission be it completely sewn by yours truly OR just a pattern for you to do up yourself!! So don't be afraid to ask!!
We have gotten some news in regards to our itty bitty Echo. She has Patent Ductus Arteriosus meaning she will have to have surgery in the future. They are shooting for a through a vein so not open heart or anything but it is surgery... still no answer on her small stature - can you believe she is over 11 months now in the newest Echo pictures? BUT we are loving the heck out of having her and trusting in amazing medical practitioners along with the knowledge that she is a fighter keeping us going.

So please enjoy the pictures and think kindly on our littlest gift...

I hope to have some new cross stitch images eventually along with some new ideas I have planned out for the future in photography. The camera who was dying on me in such an evil manner has been replaced and the ideas are flowing... watch for August and a medieval outfit as well as fun in the sun... when it isn't raining or we aren't running away from the mosquitoes....

As always I AM open for commissions, either a stitched piece (price dependent on difficulty, materials and shipping) or patterns which can be purchased off my website OR designed on request and emailed to you!!!…
Well our Echo, as you can tell from my many (many) photos is rather tiny for her almost 9 month age. We are currently waiting on genetic testing for something called Silver-Russell syndrome. Either that or our little pixie is simply meant to be a pixie. Combined with our now 7 yr old identical twins, 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter we keep SUPER busy. I homeschool the oldest two so far as a stay at home mom, though the younger ones are catching on too...

We are moving June 1st to a smaller city so I am looking forward to finding new locations for my photography AND having more time for my cross stitching. I have another idea for a Dr. Who piece, and a stocking to design and stitch before this Christmas. I am hoping to have a few more self designed pieces done up before the end of summer.

All I can say is thank goodness Spring is finally here!!
Due to a surprise baby gift we were able to (ahead of schedule) replace the camera with a better version! So watch out I will most likely be posting quite a few pictures in the near future!

So my camera fund has become a debt decrease fund - I am now saving to pay off one of our less pressing debts to help out the family! So please, if you are interested in a commission or a pattern - cross stitch wise - check out my personal site!… Prices are dependant on requirements, shipping and stitching time. If interested email me at or contact me here or on my site!

If you see freebies you like and are downloading and feel the urge please click the DONATE button on the right hand side of my personal site. The more donations we receive the more time I will have to create more...

Thank you!
Well our poor Canon is on its way out ... luckily SLOWLY but all the same. And for someone like me, who is absolutely in love with photographing not only our family but the world around I am starting a camera fund... If you check out my personal blog I have a pattern page with cross stitch patterns for sale or free download.… If interested in a pattern you can purchase them by clicking BUY NOW... be sure to include the email address you would like your pattern emailed to. I am also open for commission where the price is based on whether or not you want the piece stitched or just a pattern, complexity and cost of shipping. You can email questions to, leave a comment on my site or message me here!!!

If you like what you see in my work please feel free to click that donate button on the right side of my blog. I am hoping to upgrade my camera two generations when I purchase new so will be able to take better and more creative pictures... any and all support would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you :)
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We are finally getting some of our long awaited for patterns up on our site. The goal is one a day for this week starting with the two Christmas balls that were used for a piece for a friend that has a more mature content to it... that pattern should follow later this week. Tonight we are aiming for posting the still life pears from a commission completed as a house warming gift. So be sure to check back!…

as always I am very interested in doing commissions - either original designs or pieces I have already done.

Please be sure to share your opinions!
Well after a month of difficulties we are now working hard to get our feet back under ourselves... as I am a stay at home mom of 4 expecting our 5th my personal contribution is my sewing - commissions and pattern website. So I am hoping to spread the word about both. If you are interested in a stitched commission the price is dependant on the difficulty and time to stitch as well as shipping. I will only ship insured and tracked. If you are interested please email me at

The pattern site is connected to my personal blog and is soon to have new patterns added to it. We have a variety of pieces including some available for free download. Stitched examples can be found in my gallery here on deviantART. Prices vary according to difficulty of design. If you really enjoy the freebies there is also a donation button. So feel free to take a peek. After we receive payment the pattern will be emailed out to you within 24-48 hours so be sure a current email is included. There is no refund BUT if there is a problem with the file sent be sure to send me an email and we will resend.…

Thanks for your time and interest!!
And begin it well we have! I am currently expecting our 5th (hopefully not and 6th) child due in the month of August. Add to this a laundry list of stitching to be done for 2010 and the year is barely here and I am foreseeing a VERY busy year.

Later this month I plan on opening and Etsy store to sell patterns as well as some of my smaller finished pieces. Combined with more consistent updates here and on my blog pattern site… and I am hoping to bring some sales and interest to my work.

I do want to thank all the people who have taken a peek at my stuff, left comments and even favourited my work! Thank you, it is this interest that adds to my excitement when I finish a piece.

Now if I could just feel more awake and alert...the joys of early pregnancy.
We are still in the process of correcting some dead links on the pattern page - Freebies are on their way up - including the Tardus from Dr. Who... I have also added to this page my very first foray into stuffed animals - a Brontosaurus.

Right now I am working on a logo for Harley Davidson - this will be available on the pattern site… for free though there IS a donation button you could click if you really enjoy the piece! As always I am open for commission and have patterns up for sale. As well, I am willing to stitch many of the patterns for purchase (Tux is sitting in my home stitched and ready for a new home!).

This is a relatively new venture for me and my husband and one I am very excited about. I have been cross stitching for around 10 years and have just this year started with design. I am loving this opportunity to not only share my work with others but to help add to the family budget! And with 4 kids under the age of 6... well it is well worth the attempt!

Be sure to leave a comment if you see something you like or even if you would LIKE to see something either here or on the pattern site!

Thank you for your time!

Up and Running

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 8:36 PM
Well the site is back to 100% today. I am hoping to get up a couple new patterns and post the images here as well. Still no sales yet pattern wise but I am keeping up hope! Please take a peek at the site and sent any suggestions my way!

I am open for commission... the price varies on the difficulty and includes patterns or even potentially kits... so feel free to email

The pattern site is:…

Website Attack

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2009, 11:16 PM
For some unknown reason my blog site has been under attack! So currently the pattern page is DOWN BUT if you are interested in purchasing the patterns connected to the pieces posted in my gallery or commissioning a piece or pattern please feel free to message me here or email

I am always open to pattern suggestions!!