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Maid and Butler

By ayinvui
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The funny thing is, I thought I lost it in school when I was looking for it in a folder (and cried LOL) and thought I haven't scanned it and despaired for losing it FOREVER. I then found out I scanned it already and felt relieved but cursed myself for it to be at 800x600 which is small for me. And finally, I was relieved I decided to look at my fan comics clear book and saw it there. :lol:

Anyway, I drew this scene many times in different papers and decided to finalize it. On their official maid/butler suits. Although I think Hime's is too smexy for her. ;P And Ishida-kun's actually a master. xDD And in the first sketches of this, he nosebleeded. :lol: And Hime wasn't really embarrassed. Maybe I'll just put up the other versions sooner or later...
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MP250 series
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OMGOMGOMG!! *BLUSHES LIKE MAD* I cant think of much else to say other than I can't stop staring at this(and blushing I'm sure). I LOVE IT!!! I love how you drew Ishida and his gorgeous eyes and how cute you made Inoue. :blushes: That kiss is perfect, tooo!
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:giggle: Thank you~!! x3333

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You're welcome! :heart:
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Teehe. :giggle:

Maid Orihime.

I'll do anything you want master. :blush:
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I totally approve of this *_*
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BTW I hope to see those others soon *_*
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Nyaha~ I'll try to have them done ASAP. :la:
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This is just too cute for words!!

I can totally feel the shoujo vibe here.
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OMG, thank you~~ <3

Shoujo FTW! And Kubo-san is giving us that shoujo vibe in bits~! :iconawplz:
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i love how his eyes looked when he asked her to kiss him :la:
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Thank you! It's my favorite part!! >w<
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d`awww *______* :heart:WWW:heart: *dies*
adorable <3333
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Haha~ Arigatou~!! :la:
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they're too cute :iconinloveplz:
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Haha~ thank you <3
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Thank you!! :DDD
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